Peanut at Ten Months

Man, the past couple of weeks have a been whirlwind! I have so many posts I need to type up! Let's start with Peanut being another month older. *cue me crying* All of a sudden I feel like Peanut is ten years old. Not really, but really. He's SO big to me all of a [...]

Peanut at Nine Months

Peanut is NINE MONTHS OLD! Say what?! It's craziness. He had his nine month check up last Wednesday and he did GREAT! We have a happy, healthy, strong baby! Weight: 18 lbs. 4.5 oz. Length: 28 inches He's pretty petite when you're looking at percentiles, but that really means nothing - ha! He's healthy and [...]

Peanut at Eight Months

Has it been a month already? Sheesh. The only change to report is that Peanut's hair has gotten longer. The end. Just kidding, sort of. As you can see, his hair has definitely gotten longer! It's craziness. And the back? I could braid it! Hubs is against cutting it though so... ya. I'll just keep [...]

Peanut at Six Months

Boy oh boy. Peanut at six months. This little nugget has gotten SO big and is doing so many new things these days! He's been sitting upright and playing in his Excersaucer for at least a couple of months now, but now he can actually reach ALL of the toys and entertain himself for quite [...]