Peanut at Seven Months

Here I am again and Peanut is another month older. Sigh. This is going by much too fast.


peanutatsevenmonthsOn a day to day basis I can tell that he’s growing, but when I stop to write out these posts I really see how much he’s changed. Can we just freeze time?!

Peanut continues to be insanely vocal. He is always talking/screaming. I’ll be pushing him through the store and he’s just “bababab bleeee blee baba”. It’s super cute. He can say “mamama”  “dadada” “dattyy” (daddy) and “bababa”. Every now and then he throws a zombie-esque squeal in there – lol! Something new that he’s picked up recently is mocking us. We can pretend cough “aha aha” and he will copy you! Same with laughing, it’s super funny.

He’s getting a lot better at sitting up on his own too. He can sit upright, on his own, for quite a while before he goes toppling over.


weeksend07182014He has a new sleep position too…

I call it "the sleep crawler".
I call it “the sleep crawler”.

Speaking of crawling, he’s not quite doing that just yet, but he’s definitely scooting! We have to keep a really close eye on him at all times (as we should) because this dude can get around. If we look away for two seconds, he’s three feet away from us!

He’s always been really observant, but now he’s into the grab EVERYTHING stage. Literally, everything. In the mornings when Hubs is getting ready to leave he brings Peanut into the bathroom and they make faces at each other in the mirror, and before Hubs can leave the bathroom, Peanut has to grab and have a battle with his arch-nemesis – the towel bar. :]

peanutatsevenmonthsHe was also introduced to Sophie recently. Basically, he loves her.

peanutatsevenmonthsPeanut is also going through a night terror stage that is really sad. The doctor said he’s REALLY young to be going through it, but according to his symptoms (and knowing that he doesn’t have an ear infection or anything of the sort) it’s the only explanation he can come up with. Normally Peanut is O-U-T between 10 PM and 6 AM. But recently he’s been waking up screaming and there’s nothing we can do to console him. Last night was the first night that he didn’t do it, and I’m really hoping the phase is over. Not just because I want to sleep, but because his cry is so stinking sad!

On any other day the first thing he does when he wakes up is smile and laugh.


peanutatsevenmonthsHe definitely knows what to do when he sees himself in the mirror (or front facing camera). He ALWAYS smiles.


peanutatsevenmonthsWe are SO blessed to have such a happy baby!

Seven more things to know about Peanut at seven months:

1. He is STILL Drooly McDroolson.
2. He currently weights 16 lbs. 12.5 oz.
3. He knows what an ice cream cone is… (oops…) ;]
4. He slept in his crib for the first time ever the other day (for nap time).
5. He normally sleeps in our room in a playpen.
6. He takes one nap a day.
7. His hair is insane.



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