Amazon Purchases – Jan. ‘22

1. Spice labels – I love these! I purchased these spice jars a few months ago and these labels fit them perfectly! I used the white labels pictured, but my set also came with a black set and a set with clear backing stickers.

2. Monsters Inc. bed sheet set (twin) – This is so cute! I love the girly colors in this set. It makes the monster theme not so boy-ish.

3. Mary Ruth’s Liquid Nighttime Multimineral – Hubs doesn’t sleep well AT ALL but doesn’t want to take a nighttime medicine that he could get addicted to. I randomly found this multimineral and it had thousands of reviews so I got it for him to try. He’s only been using it for a couple weeks and doesn’t feel a big difference yet, but the directions say to give it some time so I’ll report back after a month or so. 🤷‍♀️ (Okay, it’s now March and I’m reporting back. Hubs says this tastes TERRIBLE and he no longer takes it. 😂)

4. Apple Phone Case – We traded in Hubs’ old phone so I could get a new one and this is the case we got him. I actually really like it! It has the camera cover and a finger loop/kick stand thing. The only thing I don’t love about the case is that the circle on the back (where you see the Apple logo) is completely uncovered. Hubs doesn’t mind though.

5. Spiral Earrings – These are terrible quality – do not recommend. 0/10 stars.

6. Cash Envelopes – I’m starting a little money saving project and thought these cash envelopes would help. I labeled a few with decals made with my Cricut machine. The envelopes are nice quality and a good price. 💵

7. Lunchbox – My mom sent me this lunch box to get for her with my Prime account (since she doesn’t have Prime), but I bought it for her and sent it to her house. (She’d been looking at this lunchbox since she was visiting me around Thanksgiving time.) She said she likes it a lot!

8. Extension Light Bulb Changer – We moved into our house in October 2019 and it was finally time to change a light bulb on our 17 foot ceilings. 😬 This worked great! Highly recommend – don’t spend $30+ on a fancy one.

9. Cushion Bike Seat – I finally bit the bullet and ordered a stationary bike for workouts at home. I treated myself with the Myx Plus Bike for my birthday and this bike seat was a MUST for me after riding it the first time. #saveyourtushy

10. Star Huggie Earrings – These are SO CUTE! Even though my ears are sensitive to some metals these didn’t bother me at all. I can wear these for a few days in a row without any irritation. The star sits right at your lobe and make these look like post earrings, but since they’re actually hoop huggies they don’t poke into your neck when you lay down.

11. Sweater – The infamous Instagram sweater. 😂 I love a good, oversized sweater and this one didn’t disappoint. I waited until it was on sale and then snagged it. I may get more colors because why not? 🙃 (I paid $35 by the way – and the price fluctuates all the time.)

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