Peanut at Nine Months

Peanut is NINE MONTHS OLD! Say what?! It’s craziness.



He had his nine month check up last Wednesday and he did GREAT! We have a happy, healthy, strong baby!
Weight: 18 lbs. 4.5 oz.
Length: 28 inches

Waiting for the doctor.
Waiting for the doctor.
Hellooooo hair!
Hellooooo hair!

He’s pretty petite when you’re looking at percentiles, but that really means nothing – ha! He’s healthy and that’s all that matters! He only got one shot this time around and the nurse was SO surprised when Peanut didn’t cry. Tough baby!

Let’s see… changes… the months are just starting to run together to be honest! He’s definitely saying “Dada” – he doesn’t want to say “Mama” anymore, which is sad. Ha! If you ask him “Where’s Mama?” or “Where’s Dada?” he will look at the right person, so I think he does have an idea of who we are. ❤


He isn’t crawling quite yet. His choice mode of transportation is either rolling or army crawling. He is not a fan of being up on all fours. BUT, if he’s in his playpen, he will get on his knees with his hands on the rails and look over at us. He’s tried standing a couple of times too! If we stand him up next to his Exersaucer or the couch, he will gladly stand there for a while. We recently started working with him on “walking” around the furniture while holding on, and he’s doing great! I was really surprised!

Peek a boo!
Peek a boo!

If you remember from his eight month post, I mentioned that he just looooved his car seat and yada yada. Well, I jinxed myself. He’s starting to give me a hard time about going into his car seat. He cries, arches his back – the whole nine yards, but once he’s in there and strapped in it’s like he just gives up – he stops crying and just looks at me with puppy dog eyes like, “Can I come out now?” Ha! He still seems to enjoy his stroller which is great because I’m kind of skeptical about putting him in a cart (with all the germs and what not) and carrying him around the store is not ideal. He may be only 18 pounds, but he feels like he’s at least 25! :]

Overalls. <3
Overalls. ❤

peanutatninemonthsAs I mentioned above, he definitely says “Dada” and knows who his daddy is. He has such a bond with Hubs and it’s seriously the cutest thing ever! Sometimes when Peanut’s fussy and I can’t calm him, Hubs will swoop in and BAM, all better. It’s kind of bitter sweet for me –  I get sad about it because I’m like, “Hey! Over here! I birthed you!!” But I love that he is so close with his dad and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I know Hubs can’t wait until he can start taking Peanut out hunting and just for Peanut to be his little outdoor buddy.

I love this one. <3
I love this one. ❤

It’s hard to believe that in just three short months our little man is going to be a year old. The time is flying by way too fast. In a way, I can’t wait until he’s a bit older and we can start taking him to things like the Children’s Museam, hiking, hockey games, etc. etc. But of course on the other hand I want him to stay the little cuddle bug that he is. ❤


He's getting so big!
He’s getting so big!
This is what happens when you take his toy away... ha!
This is what happens when you take his toy away… ha!

Nine other things to know about Peanut at nine months:

1. He loves to suck on his toes.
2. He mocks any noises we make – “muuuuuah“.
3. He LOVES his pureed baby foods!
4. He is still great at bath time. Hopefully soon he won’t need the baby bathtub.
5. His bedtime is around 9:30 PM.
6. He knows how to turn on our iPhones.
7. He’s been pretty spot on with his clothes – in 9 month clothing at 9 months. (It makes buying for him really easy.)
8. His favorite toys are mommy’s cell phone and the TV remote.
9. He is just the best, most wonderful baby ever!

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