Peanut at Eight Months

Has it been a month already? Sheesh.

peanutateightmonthsThe only change to report is that Peanut’s hair has gotten longer. The end.

Just kidding, sort of. As you can see, his hair has definitely gotten longer! It’s craziness. And the back? I could braid it! Hubs is against cutting it though so… ya. I’ll just keep telling him that “so and so” thought he was a girl (which happens ALL THE TIME) and maybe he’ll get tired of hearing it and decide it’s time for Peanut to get a haircut. As of right now, Hubs says we will discuss it on the day before his first day of Kindergarten…….

Let’s compare hair… this is at six months:

peanutatsixmonthsAnd here he is again at eight months:

Long hair, don't care. ;]Uhh… Can I get some of what he’s taking because I’ve been pleading with my hair to grow for the last two months! :]

Moving on.

We got lucky with this little nugget on many fronts, but I have to point out that we got extra lucky with this guy as far as his car seat. I know quite a few people with kids who just DO NOT like their car seat (sorry @onpinsandneedlesnc). Peanut doesn’t have any adversities to his car seat at all. We have been on quite a few road trips already and he is just a little angel!

I sit with him in the back until he’s asleep and then I move on up to the front seat.

Cutie baby.

photo 3He is sitting up really well on his own now. When he gets really excited he will throw himself backwards though, so I don’t leave him “alone” unless he’s on the bed or in his crib/playpen aka somewhere soft. (“Alone” meaning I’m not right next to him, but I can see him and am only a couple of feet away.) He is a rolling little guy too. I have to be careful with that! I literally have to watch him at all times because he will keep on rolling, not realizing the bed ends at some point – ha!

photo 2 (4)

He still doesn’t have any teeth, but he does likes to chew on things. I’m sure he’ll have a tooth pop up sooner or later – hopefully…

He is also doing a lot better at standing. I got him a “Sit and Stand” toy and he does really well with holding on and standing upright. He tried to move forward once but the wheels were set on the wrong setting, he went too fast, and I had to catch him. He’s got the right motion though – one foot ahead of the other. :]


peanutateightmonthsHe is still sleeping really great –  it just freaks me out that he sleeps on his face. He’s also started balling up his blanket in his hands and holding it to his face. It’s cute – like a security blanket type of thing – but I’m too worried that he can’t breathe or something so I always move his hand.

Tell me this worries you too.
Tell me this worries you too.

He’s also still really loving bath time. It’s been way too hot to take him to the pool so that was kind of a bummer over the Summer. I think he would have really liked that.

photo 3 (3)8 other things to know about Peanut at 8 months:

1. He is successfully napping in his crib during the day.
2. It’s his parents’ fault that he is still in a play pen in our room overnight.
3. He started getting (pureed) meats and he LOVES them.
4. He now dances, and it’s the cutest thing ever.
5. He really likes dogs.
6. He has such a great bond with his dad. It honestly warms my heart.
7. He WILL kick and punch you – out of love.
(If you remember from this post, he head-butted me and gave me a canker sore. It was ALMOST healed as of yesterday, but then he decided to kick me in the lip RIGHT where my canker sore is… I bled pretty good. Stinker.)
8. He is almost holding his own bottles now!

5 thoughts on “Peanut at Eight Months

  1. I’ve been getting beaten up quite a bit lately too lol the hair pulling has also reached an all time high! We have actually discovered that he is fine in the car seat in the truck bc he likes to look out the window. He’ll also sleep in there, but in the car, he goes crazy. He does still want out of his car seat when we’re in stores though. Luckily it’s getting cooler so I’ve started wearing him in the wrap again. So no hair cut til Kindergarten huh lol

    1. Maybe the getting beat up is a boy thing? He hurts too! That’s good that he is okay in the truck! I think Peanut just likes the movement of the car, stroller, etc. He really liked the swing when he was younger too! What’s the max weight for baby carrying? I don’t think Peanut liked the baby carrier too much. Too constricting I think lol

      1. As much as your back can handle lol Bubba loves the carrier, he’s eye level with everything and can easily take a nap if he wants lol I love it bc I have two free hands and can easily kiss that face while I grocery shop lol

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