Happy New Year!!

Wow, 2022. Let me get out the cliche – I can’t believe another year has passed. It’s just craziness.

One of my BIG goals this year is to bring this blog back to life. Unfortunately, it’s so easy to let this blog fall to the wayside when things get busy in life, when I don’t think my pictures are good enough, when I feel like my life is kind of boring, etc. – HA. But here I go again. I feel more motivated this year for some reason. (insert happy face)

I feel like we made some big progress of finalizing goals for our homestead this year. My in-laws had been living with us (pretty much ever since we moved into this house) until this past September. While it was fun to spend that time with them, it’s nice to have our house “to ourselves”. Luckily, they aren’t far even though they’ve moved into their new home – 99 yards away to be exact.

I want to start with some of our house goals/projects that we’d love to complete this year. I think it’ll be fun to come back at the end of the year and see how much we completed.

Shall I do 22 things for 2022? Let’s do it:

  1. Build the chicken coop
  2. Build the shelf above the washer and dryer
  3. Get a king size bed for the master bedroom
  4. Get a twin size bed for Baby Girl
  5. Have the built in done in the dining room
  6. Find a corner hutch for the dining room (other corner)
  7. Get patio furniture for front porch
  8. Get patio furniture for back porch
  9. Get/build a craft desk upstairs
  10. Plant wildflowers in the front area behind the mailbox at the road
  11. Start/finish the gallery wall in the entry way
  12. Start the garden this Summer
  13. Build more shelves for the kitchen cabinets
  14. Organize/declutter the walk in attic storage
  15. Move all kids toys upstairs into the play room
  16. Build a new blanket ladder
  17. Find “every day” decor for the top of the entertainment center
  18. Build the woodshed
  19. Find/build linen hutch for the master bathroom
  20. Have custom shades made for the windows that don’t have them yet (to match the ones that do)
  21. Get a Ring doorbell or other type of security/camera system
  22. Build more shelves/figure out organizing the garage

Whew! That list seems hefty! But I’m excited to see what we are able to accomplish at our home this year!

I wish you all the best!

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