What A Weekend – Birthdays

Hey friends!

My days were mixed up all last week for some reason. I just couldn’t get it together. 🙈

Anyway, let’s jump into the weekend recap.

Friday – When I got home from work Hubs was already home so I made a quick decision to go and get the grocery shopping done. I usually go on Sunday mornings, but I knew we had plans for this weekend. I meal planned really quickly and then headed to the local grocery store with Cody. (We used to go grocery shopping together every weekend, but when COVID first changed all of our lives, he stopped coming with me. While the kids do go out and about with us all the time now, it had still been awhile since we went grocery shopping together – just the two of us.) I didn’t go to Aldi (like I normally do) because I didn’t have to get a whole lot and Food Lion was closer. Plus, we were going to have Chinese food for dinner and the restaurant we like is right next door to Food Lion. (Now that it’s Monday I regret not going to Aldi – ha! I have a routine with Aldi. I know where everything is. I know the typical things I need to grab even if they’re not on my list. I was scatter brained in Food Lion and realize now that I didn’t get A LOT of things I normally do.) After we got through walking the aisles of Food Lion, we picked up our take-out dinner, and headed home. We ate dinner, relaxed, I read more of my book (Local Woman Missing), and then we headed to bed.

Saturday – Cody’s birthday! 🎉 I can’t believe the one who made me a Mama is EIGHT years old. When Hubs and I got out of bed, we got Clara, and went into Cody’s room to sing him happy birthday. Hubs made the kids breakfast and then we all headed out to get Cody’s birthday present. After that, we went to an antique store where I got a cute little wooden wagon to use as porch decor. That night my in-laws, my sister in law, and her boyfriend came over for a cook out and we just relaxed and enjoyed each other’s company.

Sunday – My birthday! 🎉 I can’t believe I’m 33 years old. Sunday was actually Cody’s birthday party day. After Hubs and the kids had breakfast we all got ready to head out to the party. We planned a party at BounceU (indoor bounce houses). Hubs was actually feeling pretty sick and almost didn’t come with us. He has been having some sinus problems and had a really bad headache. He decided to come and was just going to sit in the truck if he couldn’t handle the noise/jumping. When we first got there I got the kids checked in and all the friends starting showing up. It was so good to see them again! It had been over a year since we had seen some of the friends that showed up! The party was really fun and I only suffered a minor knee injury – ha! After the party I had a couple errands I needed to run. (Hubs sat in the truck when we first got to the party but was able to come in about ten minutes later and did fine the whole time!) Hubs took me to UPS so I could return a few items and then we went through Starbucks so I could get my free birthday beverage. Once we got home we all got cleaned up (nice and early), ate leftover pizza from the party for dinner, and relaxed before bed.

Birthday boy!

Monday – Hubs headed back to work and I did some housework. I really needed to deep clean the bathrooms and kitchen – the chore I usually do every week but had neglected for two weeks. 😬 I made the kids lunch, I worked on my Cricut machine and made a few decals, and now I’m writing this post. It’s getting close to 4 PM so I’m going to start dinner and then call it a night. Since we had an unplanned cook out on Cody’s birthday and pizza the day after, I’m finally making what he requested he wanted for his birthday dinner – salisbury steak.

Hope y’all had a good weekend!

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