What A Weekend (x4) – Busy Days

Whoaaa I can’t believe I haven’t written about our weekend in four weeks! Time is already flying this year!

Four weeks ago (the weekend of Jan. 15th) we spent most of our time at home. On that Saturday, Hubs and I set up the fence posts for our permanent garden. We are really excited to get that going this year! Back in 2020, when Covid first shut everything down, we threw up a very quick, and effective, garden. We managed to use materials from around the property and did a traditional “in the ground” style. We have always wanted to have raised beds and have everything super organized, so that’s what we are doing this year. We are going to use downed trees from around our property to build the beds that we want and then slowly change those out with cedar raised beds. We know that multiple cedar raised beds will be pretty costly, so we are just going to do a few here and there. With the fence posts already set up we plan on creating the raised beds (with the downed trees) and then filling in all the dirt before we actually put the fence up and build the door.

That Sunday the weather was pretty cold and icy. We spent the day inside just hanging out and watching movies – with the wood stove going all day. 🔥 Hubs actually had a delayed start for work on Monday morning because of the bad weather we had on Sunday.

On the next weekend (the weekend of Jan. 22nd) we actually had our first snow! The weather people were predicting that the snow was going to start on Friday, so Hubs worked from home and my office decided to close for Friday. Unfortunately, we didn’t get any weather at all on Friday, but when we woke up on Saturday morning we had a good few inches of snow – which is very uncommon in North Carolina! We spent all day Saturday playing outside! It was Clara‘s first time seeing snow and she had a blast! We played so hard that we broke a sled and ripped a cord off of the boogie board – LOL! We also had a good time riding around on the four wheeler in the snow. Also that Saturday, Hubs and I got a twin size bed for Clara‘s “big girl bed” from Facebook Marketplace. I no longer have a crib in my house!

I don’t remember what we did that Sunday so I guess it was uneventful – ha! We usually spend Sunday’s taking it easy and getting ready for the work week ahead.

This weekend of Jan. 29th, we had some friends come hang out and we went out to dinner at one of our favorite little diners. Our friends are having their first baby and we handed down a lot of stuff to them – including the crib we just took out of Clara’s room. It was definitely bittersweet to get rid of that (we used it for both kids), but we were honestly happy to be able to give it to our friends.

On Sunday… I guess it was uneventful again. 🤷‍♀️😂

This past weekend (Feb. 4th) Hub’s mom (who usually watches the kids while we are at work) wasn’t feeling well so I had the pleasure of bringing the kids to work with me. 🤪 Overall they did great! I just stressed myself out with worry that they were in the break room recking havoc while I was with patients.

Saturday Hubs and I started building our chicken brooder. We ordered our baby chicks to be ready for us by May 9th! We have plenty of time but didn’t have a good reason not to get started now. 🙃 We managed to use scrap wood that we had on hand to build the majority of it. The only thing we had to go buy were two latches to hold the lid closed (which cost us a total of $3). We still have some minor finishing touches to complete. It took us the full day on Saturday to build the 4’ x 8’ brooder, so we will most likely need a couple weekends for the actual chicken coop.

On Sunday, Cody had his baseball evals for the Spring season. After that we went to McDonald’s and then headed home to get things ready for the next work week.

Hope y’all are doing well!

I love “Night Mode” on the iPhone. ❤️
Cody built this little teepee when we moved into this hours two years ago. 💙
Our home. ❤️
All on the four wheeler. 😂
Clara and her new bed. She loves Monsters Inc!
The chicken brooder minus the hardware cloth and lid latches.
Baseball evals for Cody!

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