Peanut at Ten Months

Man, the past couple of weeks have a been whirlwind! I have so many posts I need to type up!

Let’s start with Peanut being another month older. *cue me crying*

All of a sudden I feel like Peanut is ten years old. Not really, but really. He’s SO big to me all of a sudden. It’s sad! He’s officially in his 12 month clothes now. I held up a 12 month sleeper to Hubs and he was like, “ya, that’s way too big” and then it fit and we both cried about how our little guy is growing.

Peanut loved his cousin's little push bike, so much!
Peanut loved his cousin’s little push bike, so much!

He still doesn’t want to crawl on his knees. I don’t know what’s up with that. But he will scoot/army crawl like nobody’s business! He doesn’t have any teeth yet either… Hopefully they come in soon lol (Preferably when I’m done nursing – around the 12 month mark. I think.)

Yes, we need to cut his hair. I know.
Yes, we need to cut his hair. I know.

Last night, Peanut was playing with his Sit and Stand toy* and he started pushing it around! I didn’t know he could do that! His little wobbly baby steps are the cutest. ❤

We went on a road trip last week (that I’ll post about later) and he did great, again. He still fights me about getting him into the car seat, but once he’s strapped in and realizes he’s lost the fight, he normally calms down. Our trip this time was about five hours one way. On the way there he slept a lot of the time which was nice. On the way back he slept for maybe an hour and then wanted to play the rest of the time. He’s really starting to “talk” A LOT. He loves listening to himself! And we love listening to him too. :]

- can’t believe he’s going to be one year old soon. In just two short months! And I bet those months are going to go by even quicker with the holidays keeping us busy. I better throw “planning a birthday party” into my to-do list.

His crib has officially been lowered to the lowest setting. It probably should have been lowered a long time ago, but we were being lazy. It took one scare to realize it was now top priority. I put Peanut in his crib for his nap like I usually do, turned on the monitor, and headed downstairs. Hubs and I were eating lunch and I looked at the monitor and saw that Peanut was stirring, but since he put his head back down I thought he would go back to sleep… WRONG. I looked away from the monitor for a couple of minutes, looked back, and he had pulled himself up and was leaning over the crib rail, head down. All that registered in my head was “leaning, head down”, yelled “OH SNAP!” (except I said the adult version of snap, if you know what I mean), and bolted up the stairs! In my defense, (because being lazy is a dumb excuse for not lowering the crib), I didn’t know he could do that! I didn’t know he could go from laying down to kneeling. I had never seen him do that before! Luckily, I made it up the stairs in time that he didn’t go toppling over, but my heart was racing! We were so lucky he didn’t go over. When he’s kneeling, the crib rail is right under his rib cage, (it was still set at the highest/newborn setting) and he could have easily gone over, head first. Needless to say, the crib was lowered pretty quickly.

No more high mattress.

On another note, he’s such an excellent sleeper. He takes a 3-4 hour mid-day nap and sleeps for at least 8 hours at night. We got really lucky with the fact that he’s literally been sleeping through the night since we brought him home from the hospital. He did go through a phase where he didn’t take a nap during the day, AT ALL, during the first few months of his life. But he’s been taking his long mid-day nap for at least a few months now. He goes to sleep around 8:30 PM and on the weekdays I get him up at 6:00 AM, but on the weekends I let him sleep (or is it – he lets me sleep) until about 9:30 AM! Sometimes I have to go in and wake him up just because he’s nearing his mid-day nap, which is usually around noon.



peanutattenmonthsI LOVE this next picture of him. His smile is just the cutest. I love that he literally smiles with his whole face. His eyes and nose scrunch up, his cheeks crinkle. ❤


peanutattenmonthsHe’s also definitely started the “reaching” phase and I think that’s one of the cutest things a baby can do. Unless he’s reaching away from mommy, which happens a lot when Hubs is around – ha!


I really can’t believe how fast time is going. And I really really can’t believe I can still remember the day we brought him home when I can’t even remember what we had for dinner last night. I think I have selective memory. :]

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