Peanut at Five Months

This little nugget is growing WAY too fast! True story. I know I say this every time I post about Peanut, but where has the time gone?! I cannot believe he is five months old!! Peanut continues to be a happy little fellow! He is full on laughing now which is the cutest thing ever! [...]

Peanut at Four Months

How did this happen? Four months have flown by. Peanut continues to be the happiest baby EVER. He is always smiling, laughing, cooing, etc. He's the best. ❤ I mentioned in his three month post that he was just starting to randomly squeal and that has definitely continued. It's seriously just the cutest thing ever. [...]

Peanut at Three Months

WOW. I can't believe my little guy is three months old already. Where has the time gone?! STATS: at his eight week check up he was 23.5 inches long at his ten week follow up he was 11 lbs. 4 oz. Looking back at older pictures of him I can definitely see how much he's [...]