Sharing My Weekend – Partying and Cleaning House

On Saturday, Peanut went to his first non-family related birthday party and he had a blast! The party was for my friend's, M, little boy who turns one today. (HAPPY BIRTHDAY LITTLE DUDE!) It was a superhero themed party, so all of the kids were in their various superhero shirts. It was so cute! Peanut [...]

Sharing my Weekend – Peanut’s First Hair Cut and the New Kitchen Color

Finally. Loooong overdue. Peanut got his first hair cut this past weekend! He did so great (no surprise there)! Hubs said it's been a long time since he sat in a salon chair... hahaha! (He's bald so...) And just so you can have a comparison look - here it was before (at Christmas, always in [...]