Peanut at Six Months

Boy oh boy. Peanut at six months.

peanutatsixmonthsThis little nugget has gotten SO big and is doing so many new things these days!

He’s been sitting upright and playing in his Excersaucer for at least a couple of months now, but now he can actually reach ALL of the toys and entertain himself for quite some time.

peanutatsixmonthsHe’s also taken to chewing on his feet…

peanutatsixmonthsHe was almost able to reach the toys and he was almost getting his feet in his mouth and now he’s actually doing these things. Wah! In all seriousness though, how is it that six months have passed?

He’s still loving his baths and eating his vegetables (carrots, squash, and sweet potatoes have been a hit while green beans are a total bust [and I’ve tried three times now!]).


peanutatsixmonthsHe LOVES sleeping on his side now too. I always lay him down on his back, but I always wake up with him on his side.

peanutatsixmonthsHe actually does 360s in his sleep all night. He goes from laying in the play pen the right way, to laying sideways, to laying head down (where his feet should be), to laying sideways in the opposite direction, back to laying the right way again. He’s a crazy sleeper! Last night I was holding him when he fell asleep and since I didn’t want to wake him up by switching arms and then setting him down, I just went ahead and laid him down with his head where his feet should be and guess what? I woke up with him the right way this morning – lol!

In Peanut’s last post (Peanut at Five Months) he was almost rolling over to his tummy. It was like he could get to that point of almost being on his stomach and he’d throw himself back to being on his back again. Well, I can confidently say that this boy is on the move! He is rolling all over the place! One night Hubs laid out a blanket in the living room so Peanut could roll and stretch. Hubs looked away for .5 seconds, looked down, and Peanut was almost four feet away just a rollin’ along. (And he actually LIKES being on his tummy! He was not a fan of it (at all) before!)

Cousin L on the left. =]
Cousin L on the left. =]

Peanut still sleeps in the play pen on my side of the bed and since it sits a little lower than my bed, I can sleep on my side (facing the play pen) and look down to check on him throughout the night. Well, the other night as I was dozing off (and Peanut was on his side, dozing off too) I shut my eyes and opened them really quick to check on him one more time and Peanut was on his tummy, head up, right in my face! I scared me at first but then I just couldn’t stop laughing. He just had this innocent look on his face like, “Hi mommy!” :]

Speaking of “mommy”, Peanut has definitely taken to his double word things. He started out with “bababababa” and if I say “mamamama” he will copy me. It’s so cute! And of course, he does the random babble quite a bit too. And I know this is totally crazy, but if you say, “mamamama” he looks straight at me. He knowsssss. (I kid, I know he’s too young to know, but it’s still cute.)

peanutatsixmonthsPeanut went on his first road trip this past month and he did AWESOME! Not a fuss to be heard! Six hours (one way)!!??? That’s pretty amazing. What can I say? I have a perfect baby. ;]


peanutatsixmonthsWhen he’s not dozing off in the car (8 times out of 10, the car puts him to sleep) he LOVES to look out the window.

peanutatsixmonthsOr you know, totally melt my heart and hold my hand for the ride…

peanutatsixmonthsHubs celebrated his first Father’s Day (thanks to Peanut, duh)…

peanutatsixmonthsPeanut also loved the fireworks this past weekend (July 4th). Every time they went off he started flailing his arms and kicking like a crazy person baby. He squealed and laughed, it was great!

peanutatsixmonthsI just really can’t believe it’s been six months already.

peanutatsixmonthsSix other things to know about Peanut at six months:

1. He does this random zombie squeal thing that’s cute, but kind of scary.
2. At his last appointment, a couple of weeks ago (we thought he was sick [he was not]), he weighed 15.8 pounds!
3. He loves his vegetables and all, but he will down some regular rice cereal!
4. He’s actually (finally) gotten into napping once (sometimes twice) a day. He didn’t nap much at all in the beginning.
5. When he’s crying (which is not that often), all you have to do is let him grab your fingers so he can stand and he’s all smiles and giggles.
6. He’s the bestest, happiest, smiliest, funnest baby EVER!

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