Shopping Jackpot

Does this ever happen to you? You actually have some spending money to get yourself something nice and you can’t find anything you like? Or anything that fits?
Every time I have some extra money I have the hardest time finding something to buy. But when I’m not looking and I’m just browsing (because I have no money) I find EVERYTHING. What the poo?!

Well, guess what? That actually didn’t happen to me this time! I scored HUGE!

On Saturday I set out to buy some clothes because I got some money for my birthday. I figured I would go to the local mall (which I never do anymore) to see what kinds of sales they had going on. I must have just had good timing because I caught some great deals. I got a pair of jeans for $10.99 that were originally around $40.

PacSun JeansPacSun (which I stopped shopping in years ago) was closing their store in the mall and they were having 80%-90% off ALL of their merchandise. I figured, “What the heck?” and just strolled in. First of all, it’s REALLY hard for me to find clothes my size, especially pants. I’m a small frame girl and my pant size ranges anywhere from 00-1 depending on what store I’m in. It’s really frustrating to me that different stores will have completely different sizes, but that’s another complaint for another time. I ended up finding that cute pair of boot cut jeans and decided to try them on and they fit. Ta-da! Jeans for $10.99? Done.
(I just checked and PacSun is also having a huge sale online. Those pants are only $15.99 online, which is still great!)

After hitting up some other stores I ended up going home with a purse for $10.99 from Cato, this pair of jeans from Old Navy for $12.99,

Old Navy Jeansthis top from Old Navy for $9.99 $6.99.

*I got it in black and silver stripes.*
*I got it in black and silver stripes.*

this pair of jeans from American Eagle for $25,

AE Jeanstwo long sleeve shirts from Target for $7 each, and one of those long sweaters (the open front kind) in different shades of beige for $8 from Target (couldn’t find them online).
(I was honestly in dire need of new jeans, so getting those three pairs for the price of one at a department store makes me really happy. I was finally able to go through my closet and just do away with the jeans that didn’t fit right anymore.)

But there was one more deal that I just can’t get over. My mouth is STILL hanging open in awe.
After hitting up the mall I headed over to Marshall’s to look around. I spotted a pair of black (real) leather boots sitting on the clearance rack and ran casually walked over. There were a bunch of clearance stickers on the bottom of the shoes (as in, it just kept getting marked down and down and down). The most recent sticker price was $51! For leather boots, that’s awesome! BUT I still hesitated because I didn’t NEED them. My mom just bought me a pair of (real) leather boots in dark brown for my birthday… So I put the black boots in my cart so I could think about them while I finished looking through the rest of the store. I finally decided that I would get them, because for $51 I just couldn’t pass them up, and I just thought if I woke up the next morning and decided I didn’t want them then I would just return them. When I got home I looked the boots up online by the maker, Donald J. Pliner. These are the boots that I got…

But it doesn’t stop there!! When I got to the register the boots actually rang up for…. $15!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FIFTEEN DOLLARS?!?!

What?!?! AAAHHH!!

And guess what?! I still have some birthday money left!! I had a little over $100 and I still have about $35. ALLLLL that?? Let me add this up really quick (adding….) I spent about $107 on three pairs of jeans, a purse, three tops, a sweater AND a pair of black leather boots. I’m ecstatic!

Did you find any great deals this weekend? What was your absolute best buy while shopping?

4 thoughts on “Shopping Jackpot

  1. So jealous of that find! Those boots are gorgeous. Even if you already have a pair of riding boots, $15 was well worth it. Heck, I’d even be able to justify $70 for those!

    1. Ahhh tell me about it!! I love it when I find a good sale ($50) and it turns out to be an ever better sale! =] I wore them yesterday for the first time and they are nice and comfy on top of looking so stylish. I felt like putting my cool shades on – LOL! =]

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