Peanut at Four Months

peanutatfourmonthsHow did this happen? Four months have flown by.

Peanut continues to be the happiest baby EVER. He is always smiling, laughing, cooing, etc. He’s the best. ❤ I mentioned in his three month post that he was just starting to randomly squeal and that has definitely continued. It’s seriously just the cutest thing ever. He also used to do the “a-ha” laugh, but now he full on laughs at things and oh man, so cute. (Can I say “cute” anymore in this post?)


peanutatfourmonthsHe still doesn’t LOVE tummy time, but he is getting better at liking it. He’s such an active baby and I find that as long as he has something in his hands, he’s okay. He absolutely LOVES his Wubbanub. I’m actually contemplating getting him another one. =] (Not that I’m encouraging pacifiers, plus he’s very good about not always wanting it.) He will take his pacifier right before he goes to sleep and then spit it out right as he about to go out. Most of the time he just likes turning it around in his hands, and chewing on the feet. (Stuffed animal feet, not people feet, in case you were concerned. Yuck – lol)

Speaking of chewing on the feet, Peanut has absolutely gotten into that “stick everything in my mouth” phase. You should see him try to stick his whole fist in his mouth! Hilarious and yup, cute. =] He’s even grabbed my hand before and tried to stick my fingers in his mouth! If he has anything near him when he’s laying down or sitting in the swing (spit rag, stuffed animal, blanket, etc.) he will grab it and put it in his mouth! And he’s EXCESSIVELY drooling. It’s insane! I’m tempted to keep bibs on him because he soaks himself with drool!



peanutatfourmonthsHe seems to really like bath time! If he starts fussing during bath time it’s because he wants the water to be running over him (maybe he gets cold?). The last time I gave him a bath he seriously started closing his eyes and tried to take a nap – ha!

peanutatfourmonthsHe’s also discovered his feet! It is soooooo (yup) cute when I lay him down and he curls into this little ball and grabs his feet! He hasn’t tried putting them in his mouth yet but I’m sure that’s coming soon.

peanutatfourmonthsWhen we first got him that stuffed animal he was about 10 weeks old. (I remember because I was going back to work that week and Hubs and I went on our first date without Peanut that weekend and we got him that as a gift while we were out.)  It was almost as “big” as he was and look at him now! (He’s technically 17 weeks now.) So sad!

Four other things to know about Peanut this month:

1. He is ALMOST rolling over! From his back he can get to his side and start leaning towards his tummy until somehow he rolls back over on to his back.
2. He has his four month check-up/shots tomorrow so wish him luck! He’s done really great with his past shots so I’m not too worried, but I am taking the day off to keep him at home (and cuddle).
3. We will find out for sure at his appointment tomorrow, but he may be able to start getting rice cereal/baby food!
4. He is LITERALLY blowing bubbles. Making the “brrr” sound with his lips and all (and this does not help with the drooling issue).

He’s just the bestest, cutest ever. Don’t you think? ;]

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