Birthday Fun

The past few days have felt really busy, but I haven’t really done anything. Do y’all have moments like that?

Let’s see here… what have I been up to? Not making anything crafty unfortunately. I will get around to it! I just need to find/pick something I want to make and get to it!

My birthday was a week ago. :] Here’s a look at what I did!

On the actual day of my birthday my manager took me out to lunch to Olive Garden and then to get a cupcake from the bakery around the corner. (Yes, I worked on my birthday. =])

Birthday Work LunchThat peach tea was great and that cupcake was dee-licious! It was the special of the day – Strawberry Love. The cake was so moist and the chocolate butter cream was smooth. Mmm, I think I want another one.

After work I went over to my sister-in-law’s house for a bit since Hubs was going to be at work a little later than normal. On the way home, Hubs called me and told me to hurry home because I had presents waiting on the porch!

Bday CounterThis was so sweet of my neighbors and church family. I got all kinds of fun things!

Birthday GiftsHubs got me those HUGE cookies from The Cookie Store in the mall. A man after my own heart for sure! =] He also got me that beautiful cross necklace. I had been wanting a cross necklace for a loooong time and when I put it on he said, “Now I can finally cross that off of your wishlist. I’ve been wanting to get it for you for forever!”. So sweet. ❤

My neighbor left these beautiful tulips on my porch and they’ve bloomed so much. They’re gorgeous!

TulipsMy mom ordered/mailed me these boots. I just got them in the mail on Saturday and they are niiiiice. I love that they are real leather. Do you know how hard it is to find real leather boots at a reasonable price??

Bday BootsThen, last weekend, Hubs and I went out on Saturday just driving around and shopping. It was so beautiful outside. It was between 74-76 degrees between Saturday and Sunday. A beautiful weekend! A short one though – we are back at highs around the 40s. It was a nice little teaser.

CloudsFor dinner on Saturday night we went to Outback. We got an Outback gift card for Christmas from my aunt and uncle in CA, so we used that. It was really good. You can’t go wrong with Outback!

Outback Bday DinnerThat chocolate brownie topped with ice cream really hit the spot! We didn’t even finish it because we were so full, but I couldn’t not get a dessert for my birthday. =]

Oh! I’ve also been reading. A lot. My dad got me a Kindle and I looove it. I’ve read The Perks of Being a Wallflower (definitely a page turner and interesting, but kind of disturbing at the same time) Long Time Coming (a free book on the Kindle, but actually really good), and I am currently reading The Eternal Ones (a recommendation from my manager, very good) all within like, a few days. Crazy, right? I’ve always been a fast reader, but that’s three books in three or four days!

4 thoughts on “Birthday Fun

  1. Hey Grasshopper! I Looooove those Boots they are Awesome!!!! what kind are they, who made them? I want Some!!! Doesnt Leather Smell Marvelous!!!

    1. Hey Aunt Serene-y! Don’t you looove those?? I’m pretty sure they had a 5.5. =] They came inb black too! They are from DSW and the brand is Crown Vintage, I think. They were originally $170 but were on sale for $99!!!

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