Sharing My Weekend – Blue Sky


SkyIt was so beautiful out this past weekend. The wind made it a little cold, but it was still really pretty.

On Saturday morning Hubs and I got out of bed and I got ready to take cute little Dorothy to the groomer. I didn’t take a before picture but trust me, it was bad. She hadn’t been groomed since September! Eek. But she’s nice and soft and pretty now.

DorothyShe’s such a good dog. She’s so mellow and loving. She’s just so calm. Unlike our other dog… but I love them the same!

DogsWhile Dorothy was getting groomed, Hubs and I went shopping. Hubs got a couple of shirts from Gander Mountain, some new sunglasses, and a new video game.  I finally got a stretch pencil/body con skirt that fits and I’m super excited about it! I also got the nude patent leather flats that I’ve been wanting. Then the rest of the weekend was just chilling and enjoying life.

Hope you all had a great weekend!

I’ll try to remember to take pictures of my January project so I can show you what I completely almost accomplished! Then I need to come up with my February project. I’m already four days behind!

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