Third Trimester Recap

You can read all about my first trimester recap here and my second trimester recap here.

Third Trimester Timeline: Weeks 28 – Weeks 40

This post will probably have more pictures than words because my mind is mush. =] My little guy is now 11 WEEKS OLD (How did that happen?!) so I’m really having to dig into my brain to remember these last weeks of pregnancy.

So, the first part of the third trimester for me started very energetic. I was so excited for our little bundle of joy to join us! There’s nothing like counting down the weeks when they’re in the single digits! The nursery was coming along and the excitement just builds the closer you get to your date. And then, of course, when you have about six weeks left you start worrying that you really only have three weeks left because sometimes baby’s are early and then OH NO THE NURSERY ISN’T DONE and you stress out, which is not good. Try not to do that. =] The closer you get, the more your symptoms start to be like how they were when you first got pregnant – loss of appetite, sleepy, etc. And then your belly just gets so big that you can’t get comfortable enough to sleep. I sound like I’m complaining, sorry! I think I’m just tired. It’s a true story that “You think you’re tired now, wait until you have kids!” Ha! But I wouldn’t trade it for the world!

28 weeksNot being able to see my toes got official at 29 weeks, as you can see below… =]

29 weeks
30 weeksAnd apparently pregnancy brain gets really bad at 31 weeks. The below is actually 31 weeks, not 32. =]

31 weeksTHIS is really 32 weeks…

32 weeksI can’t remember exactly when I stopped being able to wear my rings on my finger (due to swelling), but they eventually became a necklace pendant. (I actually had to get my rings resized 1/4 size bigger to be able to wear them again after pregnancy – and I waited 10 weeks to see if they would fit again. They did not.)

RingsMy manager at work threw me a baby shower luncheon and it was SO sweet. I totally wasn’t expecting it at all. You can read all about it here.

Yay33 weeks…

33 weeks1/100th of Peanut’s clothes…

This is probably 1/16th of Peanut's clothes - LOL!

34 weeksHubs hadn’t put the door knob back on the nursery door (he spray painted it oil rubbed bronze) and I snuck this picture of him putting the crib together. =]


35 weeks

36 weeks

37 weeksOne advantage of having a belly bump around the holidays is that when you open your Christmas cards all of the glitter will fall on your belly instead of your floor. =]

38 weeks2

39 weeksAnd that’s the last of the pictures! I didn’t get a chance to take a 40 week picture considering I went into labor on Peanut’s actual due date, and he was born at 1:05 AM the next morning. How crazy would that have been if he had been born on his actual due date?!

I’ll try to post about his birth story soon!

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