Follow Up – 20 for 2020

I probably should have written this post in April. I want to take a quick minute to see how far I’ve gotten (Is that a word?) with my 20 for 2020 things I wanted to do this year. So, how much has been done by month 5?
(I shortened this post for the sake of time, but if you want to read the whole list and descriptions, just use the link above.) 

  1. Pay off all of my store credit cards. – Okay, full honesty here. I started the year off with NINE store credit cards that had balances on them. *cringes* So far, I’ve paid off four!
  2. Build and install picture ledges for the gallery wall in our new house. – I haven’t built them yet, but I do have a layout on my wall (done with painters tape) to visualize how I want it look. I think we are going to get the materials this weekend to start this project! (I’ll post a picture of the layout idea below.)
  3. Get, make, or repurpose a dresser for Baby Girl’s room.
  4. Find/make baskets for the master bathroom. – Done. Yes! So excited about this. (Picture below.)
  5. Organize the pantry.
  6. Read one book a month.
  7. Build a shelf for above the washer and dryer.
  8. Create an artwork/command center.
  9. Purge Little Man’s toys (with or without him). – Done! (But he still has way too many.)
  10. Finish/fix entry walkway outside.
  11. Host a “Favorite Things” party.
  12. Send out “new address” mailings (whether it be via letters, postcards, etc.) 
  13. Pack/plan work lunches at least three times a week. – I’m in quarantine (COVID-19, year 2020) so I’m home and eating… all the time. Does that count?
  14. Stop eating after 9 PM.
  15. Take my kids to Polar Express at Christmas 2020.
  16. Have date night with Hubs at least once every two months.
  17. Get my x-ray certification for work. – Done! Well, I finished my instructional portion last night and now I have to do my clinical/hands on part. The instructor is trying to figure out when we can do that (again COVID-19/social distancing/etc.) and then schedule.
  18. Shop my closet opposed to buying new things constantly. – This will be an ongoing process, but I have been WAY more conscious about purchasing things and making sure I don’t already have something similar.
  19. Create something to sell as a side job. I want a Cricut machine so bad! >.<
  20. Own a Betty Rukus sweatshirt.

Here’s my idea for the layout of the gallery wall. The cross on the left side is (I think) going to be a full sized mirror. That side of my house doesn’t have any windows so my hopes is that putting a mirror there will help bounce some light around (and it’s for #selfies too). I also plan to find/build a narrow console table for underneath the gallery wall shelves. For anyone wondering – the wall itself is 12 feet wide. I’m allowing about 31 inches for the width of the mirror and the shelves are about 53 inches long.


Side story about these cubby/shelves in the master bathroom. I had originally planned on getting two rustic, wood mirrors for either side of the counter but couldn’t find any that were the right dimensions. I browsed Pinterest and found this idea where there was a narrow cabinet between the two mirrors. I knew the trim work would be an added cost, so I knew I didn’t want to add an actual cabinet door. I figured I’d just get some cute cabinets to go in there. Well, that was certainly easier said than done! I wish the baskets I got were a little taller, but these will do for now.

Before… (During the build so it’s mighty dusty!)


With baskets (found at Kohl’s)…


Did you make a 20 for 2020 list? How far have you gotten?


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