March Project

I know I’m really late with this, but better late than never! Right?

It’s a new month (well… it was 15 days ago) and that means another new project!

In case you missed it, I’m trying to tackle monthly projects this year to keep me motivated. Sometimes just taking the time to do the little things will make the big things that much easier. (Oh, and my projects have to cost me little to no money so that I don’t have ANY excuses not to complete them.) You can read about January and February by clicking the following…

January || February

SO, first off let me show you what’s happened in the big guest bedroom so far!
My February project was to get the sports ball sticker/wallpaper down from around the room. I’ve got a VERY small section left to do and then I’m done!

Here was the horrible sticker/wallpaper before…

WallpaperOut with the ugly, in with the… not yet pretty…

Small Room 5(Just ignore the really small section to the right of the second picture… It’s not really there! It’s your imagination.)

Now for my March project…


So there’s a secret with this room… there is actually another strip of wallpaper border going across the top of the room. There’s a wallpaper border with paint over it. (Why did the previous homeowner’s do that?!) Well, Hubs discovered this and tried peeling off the wallpaper through the paint.

Small Room 4He got some of it off and then stepped back and realized he was kind of ruining the wall.

So, to be completely honest, you really can not tell AT ALL that there was a border up there. The only reason we found out about it was because in the smaller room there is yet another wallpaper border and one day Hubs was working on taking it down when he realized that there was another border under the one that he was taking off. So there was a border, paint, and another border. At that point he walked into our big guest bedroom and ran his hand across the upper wall and realized there was a very slight seam where the wallpaper met the wall. Well, since you can’t actually see the border (but can feel it if you rub your hand against the wall) Hubs decided to try taking some sand paper to the seam. In my head I was thinking, uh… why do that? The wallpaper border is running along the ceiling and who decides to randomly run their hand against the upper wall near the ceiling?… BUT Hubs was afraid that when we painted the new color you would be able to see the seam, so he sanded some random spots in the room and then did test paint swatches to see if you could see the seam. (You can see an area in the above picture – and a sample of our paint color!) So he did that and then we walked away hoping it would dry and that you wouldn’t be able to see the seam at all. Guess what? You can’t see the seam! Yay!

SO, back to the March project. Hubs is going to sand down the areas where the border ends and then we can prep and paint! (Oh and he does need to spackle some areas, but that shouldn’t take long).

Since Hubs is going to be sanding and prepping (I will help paint) I don’t want to be all up in his way, so I have another project going on – the smaller guest room.

Small Room 1This room is clutter central. =[
It’s the room that we tossed ALL of our stuff in when my sister in law and her family came to live with us for a bit.

1. That’s a center piece from our wedding back in Oct. 2011.
2. Is it possible to have too many pillows? I think yes.

Small Room 23. That’s actually a full sized weight bench buried in junk. Needless to say it’s not getting much use. (Unless you count using it as shelving…)
4. That’s my LARGE self healing cutting mat I got for Christmas!

Small Room 35. Why yes, this is hunting and camo central. Thank you for asking.
“You can put camo on anything and it’s automatically cool!” (Duck Dynasty anyone?) =]

So that’s what’s going on around these parts. Hopefully I can accomplish a lot of the junk clearing this weekend!
Wish me luck!

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