March Madness

I say March Madness because I’ve been meaning to post the results of my February Project but I have been super busy lately! Super busy, but not really getting anything done. Yikes! I’m ALMOST finished with the wallpaper! Hubs and I made a game plan to get the room done. It took us one whole day to come up with the game plan and even though all we did was talk – we felt like we accomplished something. Ha! I am almost done with the sports ball wallpaper/sticker and then after that Hubs is going to sand down some areas and then we can paint away! After we paint that room then we can set the room up the way it’s supposed to be (workout room) and then we can clear out the smaller room and that means we can walk through all the other junk in there a little bit easier and then I can de-clutter that room easier and then that room will be pretty empty but then we can prep that room for paint and then not paint that room until we decide when to start having babies and know if we are having a boy or a girl! We have been talking about it more and more lately and I’m excited, but scared!

Wish us luck!

Do you ever feel like you are doing a whole lot but then realize nothing is done?
What projects are you working on?

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