Finally, A Clean-ish Room – March Project

I tackled the big one this weekend! The smaller guest bedroom in our house was a disaster area. There was so much JUNK in it and I could never build up the courage to tackle it. I always had something else to do… But finally it’s done! There is still A LOT of stuff in it, but at least now I know what all of the stuff is AND it’s organized. Whew!

Remember this?

Small Room 1Well now it’s this…

Small Clean Room
Who knew there was a couch in here?!?!

I had to light a candle in there because the devil dog you see in the corner had a little accident and it REEKED! (She threw up, not potty accident. And it was in her cage and thankfully not on the carpet!) Doesn’t it look SO much better?! I know there is still stuff in there and it’s not technically CLEAR, but at least it’s organized! That bag of stuffed animals needs to go into the attic. I’m really not sure how long it’s even been in this room… I got all of the pillows put away in a place where it won’t be in the way anymore too!

And this…

Small Room 2Turned into this…

Small Clean Room 2*Sigh* SO MUCH BETTER! You can actually see the floor!! Who knew I had pretty okay carpet in here?! =] The corner on the top right is all stuff that needs to find a home but we don’t currently have the room for. There are some craft things, some books, some desk supplies, etc. I eventually want to get a small/medium craft hutch. I have A LOT of craft supplies that are currently in bins in the closet. It’s okay in there for now, but I eventually want to have them somewhere where I don’t literally have to dig them out. I eventually want some nice, solid wood bookshelves and a desk too. But for now, those boxes will do! I was going to give that huge blue corner pillow thing to the Goodwill, but technically it’s not mine so I wanted to ask Hubs about it first. It’s not like he ever uses it…

Last but not least, this…

Small Room 3Turned into this…

Small Clean Room 3WOW! I am so glad I finally got this done. It looks so much better in this room, don’t you think?!

There was so much stuff in this room that I just needed to donate or toss out completely. I didn’t photograph the trash pile but trust me, it was big! The only reason I ended up photographing the donate bag was because this happened…

oopsWomp womp! This was one of those BIG paper bags that you get from Z Gallerie and it was STUFFED. I managed to actually take it to the Goodwill too! One less thing to do later!

What did you accomplish this weekend?!

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