Three Baby Must Haves



As I was putting Smalls to bed the other night I turned on her sound machine and then snuck out of the room. I use that sound machine and have done so since we brought her home from the hospital. It’s actually the same sound machine I used for my son when he was a baby… AND HE’S FIVE YEARS OLD NOW! Best $10 I ever spent. 

Turning on that sound machine made me think about the things I use all the time when it comes to baby stuff and these three stuck out to me:

1. As mentioned above – this sound machine. I got mine in 2014 when my son was born, so the version I have linked looks a little different, but has the same look and features. I love that it has several different sound options, volume controls, and a timer. That timer is key! After I give Smalls her bottle at night, I lay her down in her crib, give her her Wubbanub (explained below), and turn the sound machine on and set it for 30 minutes.

2. That Wubbanub I mentioned just a second ago? Second best thing for babies! My son also had a few of these when he was a baby. It’s basically just a pacifier with a cute, small stuffed animal attached to the end. I swear that little stuffed animal helps the pacifier not fall out (and onto the floor) because your baby has something to hold on to. Plus, they’re cute. 

3. The last thing I’m going to mention is the travel system I used (for both babies). The Graco Modes Travel System. Now, before I get started – I know there are definitely fancier travel systems than what I’m sharing with you, BUT this is as simple and awesome as it gets. Plus, to be 100% honest , some travel systems are just WAY to expensive for my wallet. I do want to mention that I did do a lot of research and read a lot of reviews before settling on this travel system and I would pick it 100 times over. You get the car seat, stroller base, and toddler seat. Now… most travel systems have the toddler seat attached to the stroller base. You would just pop the infant seat into the stroller. With this particular stroller base you can remove the toddler seat until your baby is ready for it. In my opinion, that makes this stroller so much easier to carry and travel with. Up until my baby’s were about a year old I would keep them in their infant seats and just put that seat on the stroller base, baby facing me. (You could also set the seat so baby is setting outwards.) The toddler seat works the same way – baby can face you or face out. AND you can use the infant seat with the toddler seat if you wanted to travel with both. When I wasn’t using the toddler seat I just kept it stored at home. It made the stroller much lighter and as easier to handle. Oh, and the bottom basket on this stroller system is BIG. If I did have to name a complaint about this travel system it would be that the “adult tray” area (up near the handles where you push the stroller) isn’t set up to hold your phone/keys – only drinks. But that’s easily fixed with one of these stroller organizers.


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