Nothing Sets In Panic Like…

… when you can’t find your debit card.

There I was, it was my turn in the check out line. All of my items were laid out on the conveyor belt, the cashier was ringing me up, I reached into my purse to take out my debit card and *GASP* it wasn’t there. Have you ever had that feeling? Your mind is racing because you really don’t know where your debit card is, you feel like you’re holding up the line and you’re wondering how you’re going to be pay for your items. I searched all of the pockets in my wallet… maybe I accidentally put it in the wrong spot… Okay, think Runt. I can use a credit card! Shoot, the only one I have in my wallet is maxed out. The cashier’s done ringing me up and I slowly, shyly say, “well…. it would help if I knew were my debit card was.” The cashier smiles. Luckily enough for me there wasn’t anyone else behind me waiting. Which is really crazy now that I’m thinking about it because I was in Walmart of all places. No lines in Walmart? Bizarre. But thank you Lord! “I guess I’ll be paying with a check.” Yes, I am weird and I carry around my check book. I actually use it sometimes too. One time I was in Goodwill and didn’t realize they didn’t take debit cards and I didn’t have cash, so I wrote a check. Anyway, I pull out my check book and realize it’s really thin. Oh please don’t let there not be any checks left. Please please please. I flip to the back and there is one check left. Whew. As I search for my pen the cashier sweetly tells me that I don’t even have to write anything on the check. Their little machine thingy will do it all for me. “Okay, I’ll just sign it then.” “You don’t even have to do that”, she tells me. What?! That’s a little scary don’t you think? Convenient, but scary. Convenient for me because I was still wondering where the heck my debit card was, but scary at the same time because, well, you don’t even have to sign your own check!? The cashier did ask me for my ID so that made me feel a little better, but still. Weird. The cashier hands me my receipt and my check (YES, you even get your check back). I thank her, grab my bags and head for the car. All still wondering where my debit card is. I get to my vehicle, throw the bags in, sit down and start digging in my purse again. (I have a black hole of a purse.) Dig dig dig, check all the pockets in the wallet again, check the little pockets inside the lining of my purse, feel my jacket pockets just to be sure, check my front purse pocket and guess what? There is my debit card – wrapped inside the receipt of the place where I used it last. To get Japanese food last night. Front.Pocket.Of.My.Purse… you know, where I ALWAYS put it when I don’t have time to put it back into my wallet? Why didn’t I look there first?!


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