Midnight Manicure – 09122014

 I really need to stop watching nail art tutorials on Instagram. It’s a becoming a problem.

As most of you know, I have a baby so I can’t paint my nails until he’s down for the night. Hence the phrase “Midnight Manicure”. I know, I’m so clever. ;]

Fun, random fact: I actually really despise painting my nails. Hence why watching the videos isn’t a good thing.

I’ll stop saying hence now.

Here is my first attempt at Cheetah print!

midnightmanicure09122014Some of the responses I got:

Me: Look at my midnight manicure!
Friend: I love the cow print!
Me: It’s supposed to be cheetah…

Me: Look at my nails! (full of excitement) My first attempt at cheetah print!
Hubs: -blank stare and silence-
Me: (claps my hands repetitively) Yayayay!
Hubs: Oh, that’s good?
Me: *punch* :]

2 thoughts on “Midnight Manicure – 09122014

    1. Hahah! I think the fact that I used two dark colors does make it hard to tell. I should have done something brighter, but I thought I was being cool by using the purple on my other nails – ha!

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