Wow, I can’t believe it’s a new year already. Time goes by way too fast. (And I hear it goes by even faster when you have kids!)

We are still awaiting the arrival of our first little bundle of joy. My “official/technical/whatever” due date is next Tuesday, January 7th, but who knows when he will decide to show up. The nursery is done enough, the car seat is in the Jeep, Hubs put together the swing and it’s all set up in the living room, the Rock N Play is ready by my bedside, and my hospital bags are packed. Now, we wait.

It’s really crazy to think that next week (heck, maybe even tomorrow!) Hubs and I will be parents. I mean, our whole lives are completely going to change. It’s not just going to be us anymore. It’s a scary, but very exciting thought. We really can’t wait to meet him. ❤

We have truly been blessed this year. We found out I was pregnant in April, so really, this whole year has consisted of new experiences with my being pregnant. Nine months seems like such a long time, but it really did go by quickly. I remember the morning I saw the positive test like it was yesterday. I’ve had such a smooth, uneventful (in a good way) pregnancy and I’m so grateful for that. I hope that my labor, delivery, and recovery continue the same way.

Another big thing that happened this year was Hubs got a promotion! I’m so happy for him and proud of him. =]

I hope you all can look back and see a wonderful year behind you, and I hope that you all have a great year ahead of you as well.

Happy New Year!

4 thoughts on “2014

  1. I was just thinking of you today and wondering how things were. I was thinking you must be close, but what a coincidence that I was thinking of you on your actual due date! Happy due date to you (unless, of course, you’ve had that baby). Good luck and can’t wait to “meet” your little guy.

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