Sharing My Weekend – The Visuals (to my previous post)

I don’t normally like to write posts without pictures, but yesterday I was just so darn tired that I didn’t feel like messing with them! Plus, I had left my camera at home. Here are some visuals to go with yesterday’s post. =]

Here are some pictures of the beautiful wedding I coordinated Friday night.

It was such a pretty setting. (Yes, we did move the arch so that it was actually centered with the window. No worries!) =]

Here is a picture of their tree and love bird “guest book”.

What a cute idea, right? =] The bride has a frame for it too. It will look great on their wall!

Here’s a snapshot of my four inch heels (for you shoe lovers!).


Yes yes yes, I got those shoes at Payless and I don’t care who knows it! They were originally $29.99 and were on sale for $24.99 AND I had a coupon for 20% off which made them $19 something! Boo-ya! I don’t wear heels very often so why spend a lot of money on them? I’m all about a good deal! Plus, I had been wanting nude patent leather heels for awhile and the fact that they were wedges without the cork wedge, SCORE!

Here’s a picture of the dress I wore to the wedding. =]


Thank you ModCloth! Originally $115 on sale for $35?! DONE!  

And now “painting the downstairs hallway” pictures!

The master cutter inner! =]

Yay!! Color on the walls!! The walls had been primed for a little over a year – see, we did have intentions to start painting! =] Oh, and it took me about a year to get the paint exchanged. The paint was not the color it was supposed to be, I swear!! But the paint was “supposedly” non returnable (um, then where does all the “oops” paint come from!?). After a year of persistence and writing a letter to corporate, guess what? I got my paint exchanged! (I didn’t want a refund, I wanted an exchange.) =]

Of course we had a little fun and got some paint on each others faces! =]

This was the color of the walls before (when we first moved in – the color on the left). It wasn’t a bad color by any means, it was definitely “rustic” like the rest of the house, but it was a bit dark. I still don’t know exactly what color it is… it was a green, brown-y. Our new color is more of a beige-y peach. Really peach at first, but it dried more beige.

To the left is the old color, the small portion on the right is the new color. Eventually that part on the left will be the same color as on the right. We just decided to do the downstairs hallway this weekend and that part on the left is leading up the staircase. (Ew to the brass door knob!)

We trapped our puppies in the living room while we painted. =] We felt bad about putting them up in their crates because they had been in their crates for so much of the day on Thursday and Friday (because of the rehearsal and wedding). At least this way they could still roam around in the living room and not jump all over the wet paint on the walls. You know, because dogs jump on walls and stuff.  =] (Side note, look at Dorothy’s tongue on her nose! Good timing Runt! On another side note, that plaid blanket USED to be the “skirt” under the Christmas tree until Nixon (brown dog) decided he was going to take over.)

Sorry about the long post without pictures, but I made up for it right? =]

6 thoughts on “Sharing My Weekend – The Visuals (to my previous post)

    1. The wedding really was a lot of fun but it was honestly so much work. After I read the really long post that I wrote yesterday, I really felt like me describing what I did doesn’t do it any justice. It just doesn’t sound like a lot on “paper” but I was non stop for the whole ten hours that I was there. Fun, but crazy busy. =]

  1. That dress is fantastic! I keep looking at stuff on Mod Cloth but haven’t bought anything yet. Buying a dress off of the internet sort of seems like buying a bathing suit that you can’t try on….I need to feel things. Glad it worked out for you though…and kuddos for wearing those shoes!

    1. Thank you!! I get all weird about ordering dresses online too but the past couple of times I’ve done it, it hasn’t been too bad. I ordered a dress online from Lulu’s a couple of years ago – it was only $20 so I didn’t think I was losing much if I had to get it altered. Of course, I did have to get it altered and it cost me $20 but still, $40 isn’t a bad price. The green dress I got on ModCloth was really great though. I didn’t have to get it altered at all. I read all of the reviews and most of them said the dress ran a size big so I ordered a size down. The material wasn’t what I thought it was but I still really like the dress and it was a great deal!

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