Sharing My Weekend – Hockey and Hunting

Whew. What a long weekend!

Friday night after work, we (my mother in law, father in law, sister in law, Hubs, and myself) took Peanut to his first hockey game! He did SO great. We opted not to get any noise cancelling headphones, and even though I started worrying about his ears once we got there, I think he did totally fine without them. We sat on the upper deck (which is kind of perfect but it’s not SO high that you can’t see) so I think that helped a little. Maybe? Who knows? I was also a little worried that Peanut would get tired of sitting in our laps and want down to play, but he did SO well. He calmly sat in our lap and watched the game with us. I think he was in awe!

During warm ups...
During warm ups…

(Note the hot dog in Hubs’ left hand…)


I caught this next picture of Peanut trying to get to Hub’s hot dog and about died laughing when I found it on my camera. (I was just snapping pictures and didn’t go through them all until I got home that night.) LOL!

Did you see that?!
Did you see that?!

Saturday morning we all decided to head to the Dixie Deer Classic. Hubs has been many times, but this was Peanut and I’s first time going! (The in-laws first time too!) It was SUPER cold, so we bundled Peanut up really well. :] (The event was indoors, but the parking lot was jammed so we had to park pretty far and walk in.)

This is my marshmallow baby.
This is my marshmallow baby.

We got there around noon and a good friend of Hubs got us in for free. It was REALLY cool! It was held in three different buildings (so it was pretty big) and there were a bunch of different vendors set up. They had “trophy” deer mounted and they had exhibits where you could go in and feel different furs. I touched a bear – no big deal. They also had an area with LIVE wolves, bob cats, coyotes, and owls. (Yes, owls. My life is complete.) I had NO idea that wolves got so darn big. Before we left, we all got “Walk About” hats. Hubs was SO excited that we all copied him. ;] (He has been wanting one of these hats since our honeymoon FOURS YEARS AGO! So I’m glad he finally got one.)

Clean the mirror much? =\ I’m going home and doing it today, promise.

Again, Peanut did so well. He didn’t get fussy from sitting in the stroller or anything like that. SUCH. A. GOOD. BABY.
After the Dixie Deer Classic we all went out to dinner at Rudino’s and then headed home.

On Sunday it was pretty yucky outside (cold, dark, rainy), so I ran out to the grocery store and then we all chilled at home for the rest of the day. Peanut finally got in a good nap – lol. He was too curious to nap on Saturday. :]

What did y’all do this weekend?

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