10 Things… (October 2014)

Another month, another ten things.
(A day late. Pretend you didn’t notice.)

1. The search is over! Hubs found a truck!


2. My phone crashed last night! UGH! I had to restore it to factory settings. =\ Luckily I had backed up my phone on Hubs’ iTunes a couple of weeks ago, so I was able to restore it from there. I lost two weeks worth of pictures which isn’t too bad considering I could have lost everything, but still. Stupid (and sometimes wonderful) technology.

3. I think we are getting new windows for our house! We have someone coming to measure in a couple of days and then we just have to schedule installation! (I say “I think we are” because I don’t want to jinx myself -ha!)

4. Pinterest. Must I say more? It’s really helping me scratch my “ORGANIZE EVERYTHING” itch. Did you see this awesomeness? :]

Camisole holder!
Camisole holder!

5. I just got done reading The Boy in the Striped Pajamas. I watched the movie a few years ago and it was terribly sad. I don’t know why I decided to read the book just now, but it was just as sad.

6.  I think I’m going to start reading the Left Behind series. Have you read those?



8. Hubs is getting a root canal today!

9. Peanut is turning 9 months old next Wednesday.

10. Next Wednesday is also Hubs and I’s three year wedding anniversary. ❤

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