Sharing my Weekend – Peanut’s First Hair Cut and the New Kitchen Color

Finally. Loooong overdue. Peanut got his first hair cut this past weekend!

He did so great (no surprise there)! Hubs said it’s been a long time since he sat in a salon chair… hahaha! (He’s bald so…)


And just so you can have a comparison look – here it was before (at Christmas, always in his face)…

"What is it? I can't see."
“What is it? I can’t see.” (Piggy bank*)

…and now. No longer in his face. :]

"Ahh... much better!"
“Ahh… much better!”

We had the sides and back trimmed just enough to fade into the front. Basically so he wouldn’t have a mullet.

Look at these gorgeous locks!


After Peanut’s appointment we headed back home to drop Hubs off and Peanut and I headed out again. Hubs was going to paint the kitchen (!!!!!!!!!!!) so he wanted Peanut out of the house for a bit. We were out ALL DAYYY. I had to finish Christmas shopping for my mom, brother, and nephew so that’s what I set out to do on Saturday. (My mom will be here tomorrow and we’ll do a second round of gift exchange.) I went to Old Navy, Burke’s, TJ Maxx, Target, Lowe’s, and then headed out to do my grocery shopping so I wouldn’t have to worry about it on Sunday. (I knew I had a lot of things to do before my mom got here, so I wanted to be able to stay home all day and get ‘er done. ;]) After grocery shopping I stopped to get some dinner for Hubs and I and then headed home. Hubs took a break from painting (it was taking him so long because he painted the ceiling first, “cut in” the walls and then we painted the walls twice). I gave Peanut his bath and set him down for bed. Hubs ended up recruiting me to help him paint and we got done around midnight. By the time we went to bed it was around 3 AM!

Don’t mind the mess, I literally stopped in the midst of cleaning to snatch this photo. I looove the color!


Here’s what the kitchen looked liked before… (this picture is from the listing of the house).


The kitchen seems SO MUCH MORE bright(er?) and open now. Yay!!!

– Can we stop and talk about that border??! UGHHH. The previous homeowners had borders in just about every room of the house and they were a PAIN to get down. Why?!?!?!?! Just say no to borders!!!

Let’s look at the kitchen again because it’s fabulous.


*smiley face with hearts as eyes*

On Sunday I stayed home all day and cleaned, cleaned, cleaned (and I’m still not done). We got the Christmas decorations down and put away so that was really nice. Our poor little living room was mighty cramped! Since we cleared out the Christmas tree and the play pen was nicely tucked into a corner, we took out all of Peanut’s toys that he got for Christmas and set them up.

He loves the ball pit*!

*He definitely needs some more balls in there - pathetic! Ha!
*He definitely needs some more balls in there – pathetic! Ha!

He really enjoyed the sports center* too!


He was a little more interested in dancing when the music came on, but that’s okay. ;]

He also got a ball popper* that he really enjoyed. I didn’t get a picture of him playing with it though.

At the end of the night, out of all the toys, he decided to eat/play with a cell phone.


(The living room is one of the rooms in the house that is completely untouched. There’s so much to do in here. But we’ll talk about that later. :])

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