Top 10 for 2019



Hey friends! I thought I’d share my top ten favorite purchases from 2019. These are in no particular order and are not being categorized. The idea came to me one day as I was going about my daily routine and realized these are all “new to me” things that have made a big difference in my day to day!

  1. This baby monitor holder* is really good! My daughter doesn’t have any furniture in her room right now (other than her crib and a rocking chair) and this contraption lets me still keep a baby monitor in her room. Maybe eventually she’ll have some wall shelving and I can mount her monitor on that like I did for my son, but for now this is working great. This would also be a great travel option if you have a little one!
  2. I know I’m not the only one that purchased this Revlon Hair Dryer* this year. It’s the perfect blow dryer and brush combo at a feasible price. Honestly, I almost never blow dry my hair fresh out of the shower, but if you ever have to, you’ll be glad you have this. I mostly use this on day two/three hair after I spray in my dry shampoo to bring my hair back to life and add in some volume.
  3. I think it’s say to say that Jenn from @thesisterstudioblog got everyone on this Botanic Tree face scrub*! It’s the perfect grit – not too coarse but not so fine that you don’t feel it. I use it everyday and I swear it’s making a difference in the feel of my face.
  4. There are many different versions of this bangle key chain bracelet*, but my specific one is from a little shop in my small town and it’s Simply Southern brand. A friend of mine has the kind linked previously and it’s just as good!
  5. My wallet of choice is either GIGANTIC to hold everything in one place, or two smaller wallets and this card holder* is seriously the best! It holds so much without every feeling bulky and the price is great!
  6. We took quite a few trips over the course of 2019 and I only had this toiletry bag for the last few but will never go on another trip without it. This one is big enough to hold all of my family’s stuff (family of four) and keep it all tidy. I LOVE this thing! (If it’s not on sale right now, sign up for their emails and wait . I promise it will go on sale.)
  7. I got my second holes pierced a few years ago but for whatever reason I don’t really wear earrings in them. I found these huggies earrings* on Amazon and thought I’d give them a shot. Whenever I would wear studs in my second holes over night I never liked the way the locks felt on the side of my head when I would sleep, but you can’t even feel these huggies earrings – laying down or not.
  8. I got this Apple Watch and phone stand* idea from Lauren at @laurenloves and it’s great. (I have the rose gold color.) I can still sit my phone on the stand even when I have my Loopy case on too!
  9. As cell phones are getting bigger and bigger they are fitting into less and less wristlets or cup holders. #REALLIFEPROBLEMS I’m using the same stroller system (that I talked about here) for my daughter as I did with my son five years ago, but my phone no longer fits in the cup holder. I snagged this nifty little stroller organizer* from Amazon and it’s the perfect place to toss my keys and phone when I’m out and about with the baby.
  10. This Conair Fabric Defuzzer* is the perfect travel size sweater fixer upper. This works great for getting those little fuzzies off your sweater when they’re starting to pill. It has a guard attached to it so you can choose how close you want the shaving blades to be to the sweater too!

I hope y’all find something that you’ll think will be useful to you! Happy 2020! May it be good to you!

*Amazon affiliate links


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