4 thoughts on “Week’s End 11152013

    1. That sweater actually isn’t a maternity top. =] I have been really lucky with being able to wear my normal tops so far (even at 32 weeks along!). I tend to wear looser, flowy types of tops anyway (like ones that tie in the back) and my sweaters are always on the looser side too, so they still work for pregnancy. I bought four pairs of maternity pants and just rotate them. I got two pairs at Kohl’s (they are the same brand as Motherhood) and cost me $25 each. I got one pair at Destination Maternity which kind of makes me cringe because they were $40. =[ And one pair at Old Navy for $25 on sale. I LOVE the ones from Motherhood/Kohl’s/Destination Maternity. They are super comfortable. And $25 isn’t too bad for jeans you know? The Old Navy ones are okayyy. They’re not my favorite. The belly support part isn’t as stretchy and it gets pretty tight and annoying throughout the day. If you do need tops, I would suggest looking at Target and Old Navy. They have some pretty cute things for not too expensive! =] I am a total “where’s the sale rack?” person and I was not happy about having to get a whole new wardrobe for nine months. I know, I’m lame. lol

  1. Your sweater is lovely! And after reading your comment…I say AMEN! I didn’t buy hardly any maternity tops. I did have to wear some stretchy shirts at the very end…but I went to 41 almost 42 weeks! Love your blog and glad I can follow on your journey. Motherhood is wonderful!

    1. Aw thanks so much for stopping by! I also bought some stretchy tops from Target, but they’re not maternity and I can definitely still wear them after pregnancy. I can’t believe in about seven weeks I’ll be experiencing motherhood!! =]

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