Nursery Layout – Help please!

I need your help! No pressure or anything, but I need an answer soon! Hubs is just about done with the painting. He is doing the very last touch ups today and then he may paint the doors – not 100% sure on that. I just want the painting to be done, (so forget the doors!) but after he painted the trim in a nice bright white, we realized the doors are more of a cream color. SIGH! We’ll see if he paint the doors – it’s not THAT noticeable (but he’s the perfectionist).

Anyway, I had the layout of the room all figured out in my head and then, of course, I thought of switching up one piece of furniture and now I’m all confused! Basically I just swapped the dresser with the crib and now I don’t know which layout I like better. What do you think? (My measurements of the room and furniture are pretty close to real life, so this is really what it would look like in the nursery. It’s not a huge room. It’s juuuuust right. =])

Option 1 – Crib directly across from the door into the bedroom.

Crib wallI like this layout because when you open the door TA-DA there’s baby. =] The exact placement of the crib may be off a smidge just because I was guestimating for how far the closet door reaches when open. (The door opens so that it would be going towards the crib when opened.) I want to be able to fully open the closet because that’s the main means of storage for the nursery. Also, we are doing a crib decal above the crib, so it’d be cute to open the bedroom door and see that all displayed. On the right side of the room (where the window is) that’s a guestimate too. It’s just a single window but I may not be 100% right with the placement of the window on the wall. And that “possible night stand” is a total maybe. I don’t even have a night stand for the room. Oh, and keep in mind that the dresser has a mirror that goes above it and then I’d probably do prints/pictures/etc. on either side of the mirror since the mirror does not span the whole dresser.

Option 2 – Dresser directly across from door into the bedroom. (My original plan.)

Dresser WallI like this layout because when you open the bedroom door, you’ll see the mirror and the reflection of the rest of room along with the prints and other cute things we have going on the walls, rather than just a decal on the wall. (Remember the crib decal in the first option? That would be going above the crib and that’s the only thing being hung up around the crib, so it could make the room feel kind of plain.) Also, I kind of like where the placement is of the crib in this option because with the wall being inset like it is, it’s kind of like the crib is nestled into a little cubbie. And the crib decal is almost as wide as the crib, so that wall would be the “crib and crib decal feature wall”, if you will. =]

What do you think of the layouts? Which do you think looks best/makes the most sense?

Another factor is that when I was first thinking about nursery layouts, my MIL mentioned not to have the crib on an exterior wall, which is where the crib is in option 1, but the more I think about that the more it doesn’t really make sense to me… it’s not like I can feel the hot/cold coming through my walls, right? How do you feel about that? I’m so confused!

6 thoughts on “Nursery Layout – Help please!

  1. Saw your comment over at Addicted to Decorating and thought I would stop by to see if I could help with your little dilemma. I think the first layout is best with the crib in view of the door. However, I would center the crib on that wall and then move the chair closer to the window right next to the nightstand to make of a little reading, rocking area. Hope this helps. Have a great day!!

  2. As an old mom and not a decorator, I like the 2nd option. That way as the baby gets older, you can peek in without him or her seeing you (like when you would like him to nap and he is just in there playing). Just my thought….

    1. Thanks for your commenting! Option 2 is actually how we have the room set up right now, and so far I’m liking it! I was thinking the same thing about being able to peek in and see him through the mirror. =]

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