Surprise Baby Shower

My manager threw (is that the correct form of the word?) me a surprise baby shower at work yesterday and it was so sweet! I knew she planned on taking me to lunch, but I didn’t know it was a whole little baby shower party. It was really nice and totally embarrassed me – ha!

YayI’m always a part of the event planning when it comes to the family, even for my baby shower, and my mother in law wanted me to point out that she is glad SOMEONE was finally able to surprise me and do something without me knowing. =P

I rode with my manager to Carolina Ale House (where we were having “lunch”) and walked in to a room with a bunch of people from work to celebrate my baby shower. That was my first time at the restaurant too and it was good! My manager even brought cupcakes from a local bakery – and cupcakes are always good.

CupcakesThey even got me gifts! (This was where I was totally embarrassed. I just wasn’t expecting any of it so I’m sure my face was red the whole time I was opening gifts.) They got me a HUGE blue basket stuffed with… stuff. They pretty much got me the rest of my registry and then some!

Gift Basket

Gifts 2Here are SOME of the things that were in my basket (this is not all of it!).

GiftsIt was really sweet of everyone to get together and do this for me. I felt really special. =]

And just because I love the little outfits with pictures on the butts – here’s one for ya!

Football butt
(Except when the pictures/writing are on adult women… gross…)

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