Sharing My Weekend – Shopping, Babysitting, and Junk Food

Another one of those weekends that flew by!

Saturday morning Hubs had to go into work (for what he thought would be two hours but ended up being all day). =[ I got up and got ready and headed out to one of our local shopping centers. I was on a mission to find work boots and work pants for Hubs and a pretty straw handbag and flats or sandals for me. (I knew I was babysitting my niece later in the day so I had to be quick!) Unfortunately I didn’t find anything for Hubs, but I did find myself a handbag! I don’t know why but I’ve been wanting a pretty Summer/straw handbag for awhile now and I finally found one!

FinallyIsn’t it so pretty?! I had seen it online awhile ago and finally decided to go into the store so I could see it in person. I liked it even more in person and decided to snatch it up. It was the last one too! I think someone was trying to hide it because it was not with the rest of the other straw handbags and was pushed to the back on a shelf… Sorry to whoever was hiding it!

Then I hurried to Walmart to grab a few things, ran drove through the McDonald’s drive thru for lunch, and then headed home.

When my sister in law got to my house around 2:20 to drop off my niece, I admit I was a little nervous about not being able to keep her entertained when I noticed she didn’t really bring any toys with her. Little did I know, we didn’t need any toys at all! I didn’t catch any pictures, but my niece loves the puppies so we played around with them a bit and then I had to start cooking. My mother in law, (other) sister in law, and I were taking dinner to an elderly couple from our church, Mr. and Mrs. M. Mrs. M. had fallen and broke her wrist and had surgery earlier in the week, so we thought we would save them the trouble of having to make dinner. I made Shepherd’s Pie and my mother in law made Strawberry Cheesecake.

I will change the channel if I want to!
I will change the channel if I want to!
This is my nose.
This is my nose.
Of all the magazines, the Pottery Barn one.
Of all the magazines, the Pottery Barn one. (Upside down, but that’s okay.)   =]


NieceWhen we got to their house Mrs. M. was resting so Mr. M. showed us around a bit. Their house was pretty awesome! They back up to a beautiful view of the lake and some woods. It’s an all brick house with wood framed doors and windows and solid wood interior doors too. They had lots of antique/vintage furniture. To quote my mother in law, “This is not a house, THIS is a home.”

Then back to my house we went, I got my niece a bottle and we settled on the couch and watched Sponge Bob.

NieceMy sister in law picked my niece up around 5:30 and Hubs came home around 7 or 8. He brought Arby’s for dinner and got me a Chocolate Molten Lava Cake for dessert. Yum!

Molten Cake(Has anyone been to Arby’s lately? Can someone tell me why Hubs got two meals and this dessert and it was $21?! That sounds like a lot for fast food for two people, right?!)

Sunday was a gloomy, rainy, cold day. One of those days where you want to start the fire and stay inside ALL day. Well, Hubs and I went to church, ran a couple errands (he really needed work boots and work pants), went to Cook Out for lunch, and came home and settled in.

Mint chocolate chip milkshake!
Mint chocolate chip milkshake!

As you can see, I got very little housework done, but hey, that’s just how it is sometimes!

Oh, and then Monday my manager and I made a day of “being bad”. Starbucks in the morning and Papa John’s and Gigi’s Cupcakes for lunch.

White Hot Chocolate
White Hot Chocolate.

I better go eat a salad now.

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