Organizing DVDs

Once upon a time I realized we had too many DVDs. I asked Hubs (very nicely) if I could ditch all of the cases and put the DVDs into a CD binder and he (very nicely) said no.

Looking at all of the DVDs was seriously driving me insane. I found out that I could stack the DVDs on top of each other (instead of standing them side by side) to fit more on one shelf (so I could actually use the shelves for books), but it was still unsightly.

I scoured Pinterest for other ways to organize the DVDs and came up with this:


I went to Lowe’s and got a 1×6 board cut down to 28 inches (the width of my book shelf) and made a “shelf within a shelf”. (I got an 8 foot board and it was about $7.) I didn’t want to spend a lot of money, so I searched around my house work for things I could use to raise the board up. I found these white packing blocks (made of foam) at work and decided to just use those. The floral foam blocks that you use for floral arrangements would work well too, and you can get those at the dollar store!

It wasn’t a DRASTIC improvement, but I’m happy with it. It looks way less cluttered, at least.
(My next mission is to purge books and magazines. Do we really need the Hunting Regulations and Guidelines book for 2011? I think not.)


Yay for small victories!

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