Peanut at Eleven Months

peanutatelevenmonthsIn one more month this little guy will be ONE YEAR OLD. I seriously don’t know where the time went and how it went by so fast. I know you’re probably tired of hearing this, but it’s just crazy how fast time goes by. I’m pretty sure that every Christmas, everyone has the “I can’t believe Christmas is here again!” thought, but that “time flies” feeling is somehow so much different when you’re thinking about how fast your baby is growing. I remember the moment I found out I was pregnant – waking Hubs up around 2:30ish AM. I remember the day we told our families and then immediately calling my dad in CA since he was the only parent not present. I remember our first appointment. I remember finding out we were having a boy (and other scary things that happened that day) and the single tear that ran down my cheek in pure excitement. I remember my whole pregnancy being pretty much pain free and super easy. I remember the day I thought I was going into labor, and the day I did go into labor. I remember the first time I held Peanut and I remember that all of my worries about not knowing how to be “the best mom” completely vanished when the doctor put him in my arms. I remember, before Peanut was born, having this dreading thought that I wasn’t going to know what to do, and when. I remember that he pooped on my arm as soon as he laid down (ha) and I remember his first bath by the nurse in the hospital. I remember dressing him in his first outfit and getting him ready to go home. I remember feeling like even though he had just been born, it felt like he had always been with us.

It’s like a whole year went by in just one weekend. I can look back at (thousands of) pictures of him and know how old he was by knowing what size clothes he was wearing. The onesie with the football is a newborn, the blue striped elephant is a 0-3 month, the first time he wore that moose shirt he pooped all over it before I could show it to Hubs, that red sleeper is missing a snap, for some reason that top fits him just fine but the matching pants seem too tight.

peanutatelevenmonthsIn all honesty, not a braggy mom way, Peanut is SO smart. He catches on to things so quickly! He definitely knows “mama” and “dada”, but every now and then every person and every thing is “dada”. (I think that’s his favorite word.) I pointed at our Christmas tree twice, let him touch it, said “TREE”, and he said “chree”. Now I can ask him where the tree is and he’ll look right at it (even if we’re at someone else’s house). He also knows “deer” (from hunting shows with Hubs). One night, over at Hubs’s parent’s house, we were calling the dog “Shaaaaaggy” and I kid you not, Peanut said “Shaaaaaa-eee”. We all just looked at each other like DID THAT JUST HAPPEN!? Peanut knows “Poppy” and “Cece” and he’s learning “Nana”. I can’t figure out if he’s trying to say “Dorofee” (Dorothy – white dog above) or “do-ee” (doggie, because that’s what I call them), but he’s definitely trying to say one of those two things. Also, if you start singing Patty Cake he will start clapping.

Heheh :]
Heheh :]

He’s such a happy baby. If we laugh, he copies us. He’s super ticklish and giggly, so it’s fun to mess with him. When I push him around the store in his stroller he just babbles away – “bababa dadad”. If someone looks at him silly, he cracks up like it’s the funniest thing. We are so so lucky that he hardly fusses. He’s a baby and he has his moments, but he honestly hardly fusses at all. He rubs his eyes when he’s tired and he sticks out his tongue when he’s hungry – especially if you have something that he wants – ha. If his nap gets a little off schedule, he may fuss a little bit before conking out, but it’s hardly anything excessive.

Ohhh, new toys!
Ohhh, new toys!

We are slowly transitioning him into eating more “real” food. HE DOESN’T HAVE A SINGLE TOOTH, so I’m a bit hesitant to give him chunks of things that he actually has to chew. So far he loves avocados, clementines, bananas, mashed potatoes, spinach, and almost all assortments of his baby food. He’s also started getting some pear juice (mixed half/half with bottled water).

He’s moving so easily around the furniture nowadays too! He’s definitely getting brave and trying to still “walk” when the couch ends. He’s also really good at bending down and picking up things he’s dropped. One of the cute things he does is say, “UH OH” when something falls/he drops something. Sometimes he throws stuff on purpose just to say “Uh oh”. ;] He’s starting to listen to “NO NO”, but you have to look away after you say it because he’ll give you the biggest pout you’ve ever seen.

He’s getting too big, too fast.




weeksend11142014Eleven other things to know about Peanut at eleven months:
1. He does an excellent job in his walker.
2. He prefers to stand outside of his play pen (rather than inside).
3. He doesn’t really like plain water.
4. He’s getting better at realizing that the end of bath time is not the end of the world.
5. He loves his Wubbanub* pacifier.
6. He likes to pet his own hair/pat his head.
7. His hands are always cold.
8. He has the cutest laugh, ever.
9. He likes playing with people’s teeth.
10. I have to give him something to hold while I change his diaper or he has a fit.

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3 thoughts on “Peanut at Eleven Months

    1. Me toooooo. It’s so funny too. He will literally throw things – like football quarterback status – and go “uh oh” all innocent like. LOL! Or he’ll hold something over the edge of the couch, dresser, car seat, etc. and I’ll be like, “You better not drop that!” *DROP* Baby – “uh ohhh”. Hahah!

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