Sharing my Weekend – Flowers and Furniture

The weekend always goes by so fast!

This past weekend Hubs and I had absolutely nothing planned, which was SO nice! I think we both just needed the down/stay at home time. We slept in Saturday morning and then ended up going separate ways for a little while. Hubs went with our neighbor, R,  to the local gun show (surprise surprise) and I went with my neighbor, J, (neighbor R and J are married by the way) to Target and Marshall’s. We were only gone for about 2.5 hours or so each and then returned home and just relaxed.

Sunday morning we went to church and then did our grocery shopping. (We normally don’t do much on Sundays besides housework and relaxing before the upcoming work week.)

Nothing too exciting, but it was much needed!


I realized this weekend that I never did an update to this post, so here it goes!
We got some flowers planted in our little garden area under the porch.




flowersandfurnitureI love the purple and yellow together. :]

We also got some patio furniture that I’m super excited about! If you remember from this post, our porch was pretty sad looking…

sharingmyweekendIt was really bare and looked like no one lived in the house. We got a pair of wooden chairs and a little table that fits really nicely on the porch! We got them at ALDI for $32! (Any other ALDI lovers out there?)


flowersandfurnitureI want to get a little flower pot or something decorative to put on the table, but it’s done enough for now.


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