Week’s End 08012014 / 10 Things… (August 2014)

Hello hello hello!

It’s Friday so that means Week’s End, but it’s also the first of the month which means another dose of 10 Things…

Here we go!

1. I am THOROUGHLY looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow morning. Last Friday our AC decided it was going to freeze up and not work, so at the last minute we decided to go stay over at Hubs’ parent’s house. Thank goodness they are close by! We stayed there until Tuesday morning, when the AC was fixed and we could move back into our house. (I didn’t realize how many things I use on a daily basis. Meaning there was SO much stuff to bring over. It was pure craziness.)

2. In case you were wondering – there was nothing wrong with the AC motor like we originally thought. We had a leaky pipe that leaked all of our Freon which caused our unit to freeze up. It’s all fixed now!

3. Fritos BBQ Honey Twist are pretty much the bomb diggity.

4. Peanut will be SEVEN months old in a week. How?!

5. I’ve started Christmas shopping. (I say I’m going to start early every year, and this year I’m finally doing it!)

6. I really want to post a “101 Things in 1001 Days” list, but it’s taking me forever to come up with 101 things…

7. I wanted to take Peanut to the pool a lot this Summer but we have yet to go. At all.

8. Oh! Hubs’ aunt had open heart surgery and she is doing well! Yay!

9. Is it 4:30 PM yet? (No, it’s 10:27 AM.)

10. I have a lot to do this weekend.




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