Sharing My Weekend – My Mom Was Here!

sharingmyweekend-mymomwashereThat tired/wiped out look pretty much describes all of us this Monday morning. We had such a good, fun, long weekend with my mom here! (She’s actually still here. She’s leaving today when I get off of work.) I took Wednesday-Sunday off so it really was a long weekend!

We went to Once Upon A Child to get some clothes for Peanut. Then we went to Ross, Target, and Carter’s. While we were at Target I convinced my mom to upgrade her phone to the iPhone 5C! She didn’t like it at first but now she loves it! ;]

Peanut had his six month check up! He weighed 15.15 pounds and was 25.5 inches long. Happy, healthy baby! He barely even cried when he got his shots! After his appointment, we went to Old Navy and then to the mall to eat, shop, and just walk around. On the way home I made a quick stop at Target.

At his six month check up.
At his six month check up.

We went to Five Below so my mom could get a case for her phone. Then we went to Bed, Bath and Beyond and my mom got us one of those single brew Keurig things. We are now a part of “The Keurig Club” Ha! Then we went to TJ Maxx to shop around. (I love TJ Maxx.)

We drove around because Hubs is looking for a used truck. (No luck.) Then we went to Hubs’ parents house for a cook out and then out for ice cream. Yum!
There was a “super moon” or something like that and it was pretty cool.

My mom watched Peanut while Hubs and I ran to the gun shop and the grocery store. When we got back my mom and I went and got manicures and pedicures.

sharingmyweekend-mymomwashereNow it’s Monday and I’m at work while my mom is watching Peanut. She’ll head home once I get home from work/trying to make a stop at the DMV. Gr, wish me luck!

Full belly!
Full belly!
My mom and Peanut.
My mom and Peanut.
That tongue!
That tongue!

sharingmyweekend-mymomwashereHow was your weekend??

{[ I just got a notification that I’ve been on WordPress for two years today! Yay me!]}

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