My First Mother’s Day

myfirstmothersdayI know, I’ve shared those pictures already. They’re great, aren’t they? =]

I had THE BEST first Mother’s Day weekend. Hubs and I said that we were going to start doing more with our weekends. We had gotten into a pretty boring rut of the same routine every weekend. It consisted of grocery shopping. Sounds fun, right? Ha! It seemed like we would spend all day trying to think of what we wanted to do and by the time we knew, it was too late to do anything. So anyway, we said we were going to start doing more with our weekends and this past weekend we did just that! We had wanted to go antiquing for a while so we Googled some antique stores in our area and headed off. We ended up going to one that we had never heard of before, in a town about 45 minutes away. It.was.awesome! There was SO much stuff to look at! And it was huge! It looked big online and the store seemed liked a good size when we pulled up, but there was an upstairs that was bigger than my whole house AND it had all these little halls and rooms tucked in places, it seemed never ending! We were literally there for a couple of hours and didn’t see everything. We will definitely be going back! After the antique store we had lunch at Smithfield’s, went grocery shopping (hey, it has to get done) and headed home to get cleaned up and watch a movie.

Sunday morning we got up for church and my guys surprised me with a beautiful necklace. (I told Hubs not to get me anything because in all honesty, saving is always a better idea. So much for that! =]) I walked into the bathroom to checkout a bug bite on my back (I seriously don’t know what it is but it’s huge and red and gross. I know, attractive.) and when I turned back around, Peanut was propped up on a pillow holding my gift. He had this huge smile on his face like he really knew what was going on. It was adorable. Hubs made me breakfast, we headed to church, went to Target, I got a Starbucks drink, and we headed to Hub’s parents house for a cook out. Yum! I love cook outs. When we were all done eating we went for a walk, hung out, ate cake, and then we headed home.

I hope you had a great Mother’s Day! (Pets count too!)


2 thoughts on “My First Mother’s Day

  1. We don’t do anything on the weekends either lol hubby can’t wait to take little man fishing 🙂 where is this antique store it sounds cool!!!

    1. We are not alone (in our boring weekends)! Hubs has a kayak but I doubt he will be putting baby in there anytime soon… although he is excited to start doing all that fun stuff with him! Boys. =] The antique store is in Sanford and seriously, it was soooo cool! They had tons of old Pyrex bowls/containers!

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