In Lieu of Week’s End 12062013

In lieu of week’s end, here are some updates from past posts and random words!

A few weeks ago I was having problems with deciding my nursery layout. Well, in case you were wondering, we actually went with Option 2. That was my original plan and it just worked out that Hubs and I both preferred it this way. We can always change our minds and move things around later on if we find it doesn’t work out for us. My reasons for liking this layout are – I like that you see the mirror when you open the door which reflects the whole room (and makes the room seem bigger), I like that the crib and decal are nestled into their little nook and kind of become a feature area, and lastly, I like that I can possibly peek my head in during sleeping time to check on Peanut through the mirror just by cracking the door open. Thanks to all of you who commented and/or emailed with your advice!

We also found out that our water heater was leaking. Bummer. We contacted our home warranty company (this is different from homeowner’s insurance) and they sent someone out who confirmed that we needed a new one. (And that we needed some other parts that go with the water heater too. For example, the tech was going to turn off the water supply to the water heater until it got replaced, but the valve was so rusted out that he didn’t want to touch it AT ALL. So we left it on and just let the water heater leak for another day until it got fixed.) Thankfully most of the expenses were covered under the warranty, however we still did have to pay quite a bit more than I was wanting. It always works out that way right?? Boo! Oh well, Merry Christmas to us!

On to pregnancy updates: Technically my 36 weeks of pregnancy isn’t until Tuesday, but I am due January 7th and tomorrow is December 7th, so I’m going to go ahead and say I’m due in ONE month! I cannot believe it. Someone pinch me. I have been truly blessed with this pregnancy – it’s been so smooth, relatively painless, and pretty uneventful (in a good way). You can read all about my first and second trimesters here and here. I hope to write a post about my third trimester recap once I deliver this little guy, but who knows when. Let’s be honest. I’m sure I’ll be pretty busy!

I went on a cleaning rampage this past weekend and cleaned the house like a crazy person. It was great. The nursery is mostly done! All of the furniture is in its place, all of the baby things are washed, and they’re even put away for the most part. There’s just a little more tidying up to do and the nursery will be done. It’s done enough to that point that if I had him RIGHT NOW, I’d be okay. =] I plan/hope to get the car seat installed this week and I want to go ahead and pack my hospital bags too.

The time is coming!

34 Weeks

35 Weeks

We got our Christmas tree!
We got our Christmas tree!

Whoa belly.


8 thoughts on “In Lieu of Week’s End 12062013

    1. Aw schucks, thank you! I am SOOO glad the cleaning is done. There were just little piles of things here and there that needed to be tidied up/put away and I feel SO much better about it being done. Whew! And I’m pretty sure Peanut kicked when you rubbed. =]

    1. Aw thank you! You’re very sweet. =] I am just now experiencing the swollen feet/ankle business and had a little bit of lower back pain this past weekend – I can’t believe it’s so close to delivery time!!

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