In Lieu of Week’s End 09132013

Another “in lieu of week’s end” post today. I’m such a rebel.

This blog post should actually be called “Brain Dump”, because that’s what I’m about to do.

– I cannot believe I will be SIX months pregnant next week. What?!?!
(Correction – my dad politely informed me that 24 weeks doesn’t necessarily mean six months. I was thinking 24 weeks divided by 4 weeks would be 6 months. Wrong-o. I associate 4 weeks equaling one month but TECHNICALLY, 4-1/3 weeks is a month. So six months is really 26 weeks. WHATEVER.)

– My baby shower is next weekend (YAY!) and I have so much to do! I know, I know, I’m not “supposed” to plan my own shower, but I like doing that kind of stuff! Plus, I’m not really doing it on my own. My mom is coming down from VA on Thursday and of course my mother in law is helping too! We are all going to get together on Friday to get the food, decor, gifts, and game stuff. =] Girl shopping trip!

– For the shower I am going planning to make a “Welcome Baby” banner out of these letters from the girls at Shanty-2-Chic. Hopefully it actually comes out how I’m picturing it in my head.

– I talked about my Fall Mantle a few days ago and more recently I made this garland using this tutorial over at {DIY}Confessions.

Pom pom garland– I feel like I’ve gained a lot of weight – 21 pounds – since getting pregnant. Here’s what that looks like…

21 WeeksI feel really good though so that’s a plus! This pregnancy hasn’t made me do anything too crazy… I just tried to straighten my hair one morning with a straightener that wasn’t plugged in. And started a load of laundry but forgot to close the washing machine so it just sat there, full of clothes and water for a while. Oh, and I put the milk away in the cabinet instead of the fridge. No biggie. :]

– I got my first two baby shower gifts in the mail!

GiftsI’ll be a stylin’ mommy with that pretty changing clutch. Honestly, that bouncer looks so comfortable that I want to sit in it. It’s always a good thing to test out the products before the baby uses them, right?

– I’m trying not to stress about how much needs to be done before Peanut gets here. It’ll be okay! (I keep telling myself that.)

– My dog, Dorothy, really needs to get groomed. =[ She might disown me if I don’t take her soon.

Dorothy“Embrace your natural beauty”, I told her. She just barked. I don’t think she was agreeing with me.

Hopefully my next post will be all about how I got the house cleaned and the dog groomed and the process/updates of our house!


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