It’s Thursday!

Yippee! It’s Thursday folks! I’m not normally excited about this, but this Thursday I am getting off of work at noon and I have Friday off! My mom is heading down today to visit and my baby shower is on Saturday. I can’t wait! I will definitely post all the fun details sometime next week! (UPDATE: To check out the baby shower details click here!)

Today when I get off of work I am going to meet my mom at my house and she is going to help me take my dog to the groomers. (I’m not “allowed” to lift her. PSH.) And then we are going to get my wonderful ice cream cake so that we don’t have to worry about it tomorrow. Tomorrow my mom, my mother in law, and I are heading out to get everything needed for the baby shower on Saturday. We’re last minute people like that. =] It’ll probably be a really busy day and I didn’t want to worry about having to transport a HUGE ice cream cake, so we’re getting it today. Problem solved.

I am soooooo happy because today we are cleaning out my upstairs! Woohoo! Who gets excited about that? ME! It will finally be organized and the bags of stuff will be taken to the Goodwill. Do you ever clear out your stuff and make a “donate pile” and then that “donate pile” never makes it to the donation center? Oh, that’s just me? Oops. I’m sure it will make me feel SO much better about what else needs to be done before Peanut gets here. I’ll show you the before and afters sometime next week and you will totally understand!

In the meantime, here are some pictures!

“My bump, my bump, my lovely baby bump.”

24 Weeks

Happy happy happy.
Happy happy happy.

I haven’t really been “craving” anything yet, BUT I have really really enjoyed Peanut Butter M&Ms. Oh, and s’mores Pop Tarts for breakfast. =]

NieceI cannot believe my niece is going to be two years old soon. Ah! She’s grown up so fast!

I may need to remind my mother in law about the child labor laws... LOL I kid!
I may need to remind my mother in law about child labor laws… LOL I kid!

OH OH OH guess what?!?!?!!? So I was driving home from work Tuesday evening and I felt kicking in my tummy. Totally normal. But then I happened to look down and my stomach was moving!!! It was so cool to see! I called Hubs right away and he told me I was fibbing. =[ I didn’t see it again so I started to wonder if I really did imagine it, but then after dinner Hubs and I just sat there staring at my stomach and it happened again!!!! (We probably looked really weird just staring at my stomach, but oh well!) It was pretty amazing.

Have a great weekend y’all!

5 thoughts on “It’s Thursday!

  1. I love seeing the movement from the outside. It’s definitely one of those things nobody warned me about when I was pregnant, and it was a complete surprise. I always knew I’d feel it, but nobody every told me I’d see it, too.

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