Sharing My Weekend – Yard Sale Treasures & My Fall Mantle

I scored some GREAT deals this past weekend at my neighborhood yard sale! I love deals.

I got up bright and early and headed out with my neighbor to scour the sales. (I got up earlier than I normally do when I have to work! That’s how excited I was.) As you probably already know, we are expecting our first little one in January and I just knew I’d find some great baby deals. I haven’t had my baby shower yet (it’s in two weeks), so I tried to control myself because everyone keeps telling me that I’m going to get a lot of stuff at my shower and to hold off on buying anything on my own. There was everything baby out there on Saturday though! Play mats, walkers, strollers, bouncers, etc. There was a baby gate that I kind of regret not snatching up. Oh well, there will be more yard sales to come! Here are some of my awesome deals:

Brand new, with tags Carhartt overall suit with long sleeve top for TWO DOLLARS!

CarharttBrand new, with tags Carter moose sweater with camo pants for ONE DOLLAR!

MooseThese two brand new, with tags long sleeve shirts for FIFTY CENTS!


FishingI also got a long sleeve, long pants onesie sleeper and a plaid short sleeve onesie for fifty cents each.

I got this pack of Lincoln Logs for…

Lincoln Logs…wait for it… FIFTY CENTS!!!
I think I got some really great deals this past weekend, but this one probably tops it off.
(I know the Lincoln Logs are for age 3+ but hey, I figure Hubs can play with them in the meantime. =])

Oh, and I also got a few books for Peanut. =]

Now for my Fall Mantle.
I also scored some home decor things while I was out on Saturday – baskets, a vase, a candle holder, etc.

Fall Mantle

Fall Mantle 2

Rope Vase Candle Holder 2I scored that rope weave vase for $.75 and the oil rubbed bronze candle holder for $.50. Hubs found those turkey feathers while he was out hunting last year and the deer antlers were either found while Hubs was out or are from previous hunts. I can’t remember which are which. 

FaithMore antlers and a tin watering can that my in-laws gave us when they went to the mountains a couple of years ago. It holds my lighter and matches for lighting my candles. =]

FlowersI got that tea light warmer a couple of years ago at a random thrift store stop one day on my way home from work. Sometimes I put my Scentsy wax melts it in and sometimes I put the scented oils in there. Whatever floats my boat that day. Believe it or not, I’ve had those dried flowers for about five years. Hubs gave those to me on our first “dating” anniversary. We’ll be married/together for six years this October. Wow, can’t believe that!

Wood Guy 2

Wood Guy 3This little guy has been in Hubs’ Grammy’s home for as long as he can remember. Every time we go there he can’t help but play with it. The last time we went (just last weekend actually) his Grammy gave this to him and he couldn’t have been more happy. It’s the little things you remember when you were a kid. ❤ I guess that little nut balances him and he can stay put on just those two tiny peg legs. It’s magic.

What did YOU do this weekend?

3 thoughts on “Sharing My Weekend – Yard Sale Treasures & My Fall Mantle

    1. Thank you!! I still can’t get over the Carhartt overalls. Too stinking cute! I think the little fishing guy will have a permanent place on the mantle… I’m pretty sure if I ever take him down, Hubs will secretly put him back up there. Same goes for the deer antlers. Somehow they always make it back up on the mantle when I take them down – ha!

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