First Trimester Recap

I absolutely can’t take credit for this one. I came across this blog – exodus31three – and LOVE that she did a little recap of her first trimester. Like her, I want to remember everything about this pregnancy, so I did a little recap of my own.

Exodus31three did an excellent timeline of events that I am going to use as well.

First trimester timeline:
Stopped taking birth control: March 26, 2013
Found out we were pregnant: April 29, 2013
Before Hubs and I got married we talked about when we would start trying to have kids. We both agreed that two to three years was a good time frame to enjoy ourselves, get our financial situation straight, and really feel “ready”. Shortly into our marriage we both decided that we wanted to start trying around our one year anniversary. Hubs and I met back in 2004/2005 (about eight years ago) and dated for four years before getting married. I guess we just realized that the period of “spending time together as a married couple” didn’t need to be as long as we thought because we had been together/known each other for so long already.
Our Wedding Day - 10-08-2011
Our Wedding Day – 10-08-2011
In February/March of this year we had “the talk” and decided that we were going to try to start having babies, but at the same time we didn’t want it to be completely planned. I scheduled an annual appointment (just to make sure everything was a-okay with me – my mom had some complications that I was worried about for myself, so I wanted to be sure about it all before we tried) and found out everything was fine, so I stopped the birth control and the rest is history. (We did keep the fact that we were trying a secret so that it would be a true surprise to our families.) The doctor just told me that since I was on birth control for two years at the point, I would probably feel a little bit of cramping and pain as my “insides started to wake up”.
On the morning we found out we were pregnant I had woken up at about 3 AM with a terrible feeling in my stomach. I calculated that at that point I had stopped taking my birth control about a month ago. I thought that maybe my “insides were waking up” like my doctor told me or I was pregnant. When I could manage to get out of bed, I went into our bathroom and took a home pregnancy test. I definitely could not believe my eyes when I saw the positive test results! I contemplated waking Hubs up or just waiting until the morning to tell him, but when I stepped out of the bathroom he was already awake and asked me if everything was okay (I guess I took a while in the bathroom – ha!). I just threw my hands over my face and squealed, “I’M PREGNANT!” He jumped out of bed to look at the test and that was that. Of course we really wanted to tell everyone right away but we decided to wait a few weeks. My mom lives out of state and I knew she was coming down for Mother’s Day (How perfect was that? To tell our families on Mother’s Day weekend.) so we waited until the family BBQ to spill the beans. It was definitely hard having to keep the secret, but we really wanted for at least the moms to be together. (Sorry dad, you’re the first one I called though!)
Here are some pictures from the day we told everyone:
Left to right: Brother in law, (baby) Niece, sister in law, my mom, me, Hubs (behind me), younger sister in law, mother in law and father in law.
Left to right: Brother in law, (baby) niece, sister in law, my mom, me, Hubs (behind me), younger sister in law, mother in law and father in law.
My mom, me and my mother in law.
My mom, me and my mother in law.

My sister in law and I.
My sister in law and I. I don’t know why it’s blurry. =[
And this went on Instagram:

Yay!Hubs and I had talked about how we wanted to tell everyone – wrap a baby bootie in two bags and have the moms open them at the same time? Have a cake made with a special saying? Just spill it? We couldn’t decide so we said we would just wait and see how the day played out. It was pretty perfect in my opinion. During the BBQ, when everyone was getting their food ready, Hubs was playing with our one-and-a-half year old niece. (She is just the absolute cutest by the way.) Well, it was time for her to be seated at the table to eat and I was getting Hubs and I’s plates ready. (My back is facing the crowd at the table at this point.) Well, out of nowhere Hubs says, “I want one of those!” I was thinking that he was talking about a hot dog, or some other kind of food that we prepared so I tell him that I have his plate ready with his bun for hamburgers and a deviled egg. Then I hear my mother in law say, “no, one of those” so I turn around and Hubs is pointing at our niece. WELL, without even thinking about it I go, “oh… you’ll have one in about nine months.” Everyone just got super silent and then the women started screaming! And that is how it happened. =] Teary eyes, screams, and hugs went around for a while before every one settled down and I’m not sure anyone was actually able to eat – we were ALL just so excited. I was excited to finally get the news out, whew!
At my first appointment, May 28th 2013, we had an ultrasound done and determined that I was about 8 weeks along. (I was a week off with my calculations, I thought I was nine weeks.) Just for the record – that means it took us approximately one week to get pregnant. Talk about a Fertile Myrtle! Ha!! Just kidding, but seriously. For some reason the doctor wanted to have a “due date determination” appointment so I had to go back in two weeks and the due date was the same. I am due January 7th 2014. (Two days before my birthday! What a birthday present!)
8 week ultrasound appointment.
8 week ultrasound appointment.
At my second appointment, June 11th 2013, I couldn’t believe how much Peanut had grown in just two weeks! It was crazy to see! Peanut was moving all over the place too! I could see hands moving all over and a head that kept turning. We could make out facial features too – like the nose, eye sockets, mouth. It was truly amazing.

Me at 10 weeks and my first ultrasound (at 8 weeks).
Me and baby at 10 weeks.

Here’s a comparison of 8 weeks versus 10 weeks.

8 weeks.
8 weeks.
10 weeks.
10 weeks.


All in all my first trimester was really great. I didn’t even really have any nausea, just a constant, persistent aching in my stomach. However, towards the end of my first trimester (and into my second) I started getting terrible headaches that took a while for me to get a hold of and I started feeling pretty sick. The first time I actually threw up was around 12 weeks and unfortunately, I’ve done it a few times since then. I guess my pregnancy is working backwards – instead of being sick and then getting better – it started out good and then I got sick. WOMP. Hopefully it doesn’t last too long though. I am currently 15 weeks and things seem to be looking up, sort of. =]

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    1. Aw thank you! It was really special that we managed to keep it all a secret until the big news came out (even keeping the fact that we were trying a secret). Since my sister in law had the first grandchild everyone kind of gave my husband (the oldest) a hard time for not being the first one. Everyone would ask when we were going to try and if we were trying yet and we managed to make them think otherwise, or that we were talking about it, etc. Just to see the looks on everyone’s faces when we told them was priceless! I am the only girl on my side of the family so my mom was definitely SHOCKED. =]

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