Pregnancy – 15 Week Update

Yes, that is the same skirt in TWO different colors. LEFT: Navy blue. RIGHT: Black. They’re comfy and only cost $16.99 each. People buy the same things in different colors all the time, right?

LEFT: 14 weeks. RIGHT: 15 weeks.

You can really tell a difference in just a week! (It was by coincidence that I wore similar skirts on these two days.)

Let’s see here – you know how you’re normally sick early on in the pregnancy and then you hit that second trimester mark and everything’s starting to look better? Welllll, I must be the opposite. =[ WOMP! I did really well in the beginning and I thought to myself, “Yessss, this is going to be a breeze!”. Then a couple of weeks before my second trimester I started getting terrible headaches and was throwing up and blah blah and… I’m still that way. Yay me! NOT! Ugh, I hope these symptoms go away soon. I will say that my headaches are lessening and that’s definitely a plus. The second I feel a headache coming on I take one Tylenol and that normally knocks it out within fifteen minutes or so. I haven’t thrown up in five days either so that’s good too.

I haven’t really had any cravings yet. There are times when something in particular sounds really good, but it’s not an “I HAVE TO HAVE THAT” feeling. I still haven’t found that one food or drink that magically makes me feel better either. I did find out that Gatorade feels pretty good on my stomach. I wonder what Hubs will do when I want a steak at 4 AM? The other night we were lying in bed and as I’m about to fall asleep I say, “YoPop sounds really good.” and the only response I got was, “They’re closed.”. Gee thanks! LOL. Just for that I am going to make him take me this weekend! (YoPop is one of those frozen yogurt places where you get your cup/bowl and fill it with whatever flavors you want and then you go to the “bar” and put whatever toppings you want on it. Then it gets weighed, you pay, and then you eat. Doesn’t that sound delicious?)

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