10 Weeks and Other Progress

Yesterday I had my 10 week appointment – which was basically just a “verifying my due date” appointment. Honestly, I can not believe how much Peanut has grown in just two weeks! I mean, this is my first child and all so I may not know better but, what the?! Peanut doubled in size in just TWO WEEKS!

10 WeeksSTATS: 10 weeks pregnant and I’m sort of getting my appetite back. WHEW! Heart rate of 173 BPM, measuring 3.17 cm., and a due date of January 7th, 2014.

Peanut went from this…

8 weeks
8 weeks.

to this…

10 weeks.
10 weeks.


My mother in law came with me to this appointment because she wanted to see the baby. =] Of course the ultra sound part was really cool and we even got to see Peanut moving all over the place! We could kind of make out facial features – eye sockets, nose, etc. and I could definitely see the little arms moving all over. It was more clear on the screen than on the pictures I posted though. Hubs was a little sad that he missed it (being able to see the moving baby) but he will be at my other appointments for sure!

As far as other progress goes – we got so much done at the house last weekend! Thanks to my father in law for coming over! Hubs and his dad knocked out painting the big guest bedroom. It looks great and I’m so excited! We also went out and bought a new ceiling fan for the room.

FanIt’s the Hampton Bay Glendale 52-inch with light amber sconces and reversible blades – in case you were wondering. =] The blades can be the walnut color (above) or a lighter teak color. We will most likely do the walnut color. AND this fan comes with the bulbs! (The light fixtures that I talk about below did not.)

We also got some other goodies like this cordless trimmer from Ryobi. Hubs has only used it once, but he really loves it. It’s super light too! (Not that that means I will be doing any trimming…) =]

TrimmerWe also scored some light fixtures that we LOVE! They were sold as a set of two for only $22! We went from this…

Old light fixtureto this…

New light fixtureIt’s a total change!! I couldn’t believe how just changing the light fixtures in our entrance hall made such a big difference. And these new light fixtures are B-R-I-G-H-T! In a good way. We didn’t realize how dim our previous light fixtures were. There were four bulbs in the previous fixture and just two in the new ones and WOW. We were surprised. I love the way they look in our entry way and how great they look with our new wall color.

We also got some other gadgets like two new smoke detectors, a new oil rubbed bronze door handle for the guest room, a new thermostat for our AC, and some other odd and ends. (I eventually want to change all of the interior door knobs to oil rubbed bronze. My idea was to spray paint them all but Hubs wants to buy new ones for the doors that actually lock because he thinks the spray paint will rub off on the lock parts and what not. I think that’s a good idea too, so we compromised. I will spray paint the closet/pantry knobs (that don’t lock) and we will buy the others.)

New door knobI can’t believe I almost forgot to mention that we also got a new grill/smoker that we used this past weekend. It’s pretty much amazing!

After painting our downstairs hallway and guest bedroom ceilings bright white, we realized how yellow the smoke detectors had become from age. Of course we left them up until we bought new ones. PLEASE DON’T EVER TAKE DOWN YOUR SMOKE DETECTORS WITHOUT REPLACING THEM RIGHT AWAY. Here is a glimpse of the downstairs smoke detector. (And a glimpse at how bright the new fixtures are!) You can kind of see on the left side how yellow the smoke detector is. It almost looks like we painted the smoke detector the same color as the wall – which of course we did not do. So it was quite an eye sore and ready to be changed!

Smoke DetectorSlowly but surely things are getting done and I am so excited!

What have you crossed off your to-do list lately?

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