Half Way Through the Year

Seriously?! Half way through the year already?! Why is time going by so fast?! UGH! Remember this post? I was going to do all of these wonderful new updates to our house and then come back right about now and show you all my awesome progress/success? Well… FAIL! I actually thought to myself this morning that I just wasn’t going to do this post and that I was going to pretend I forgot about it because I didn’t want to show you how much I haven’t done, BUT I decided to keep it real. Sure it seems like I just wasted six months of home project time, but it’s not like I sat around and did NOTHING. I just didn’t do house stuff… =] I have to remember that sometimes life just gets in the way.

I will list all of the things that I haven’t done that I said I was going to have done by now.

1. We did not put wood shelves in the pantry.
2. We did not paint the kitchen.
3. I did not find a baker’s rack/small hutch for the kitchen.
(This is not fully my fault – I didn’t find anything I liked. At least I didn’t buy on a whim… right?)
4. We did not get new appliances for the kitchen.
(The 100 year old ones are still kicking though! =])
5. We did not paint the cabinets.
6. We did not get new floors.
(This is something we REALLY want to do considering we have a baby on the way!)

Farmhouse Style Table
Farmhouse Style Table

We got this table from our in-laws. (Like all of our other furniture…) =] You can’t tell, but there is a bench on the other side of the table. I am thinking about switching the bench over to the side that you see so it doesn’t look like we are missing two chairs. I just figured that once we DO have a hutch back there, it will be nice to have the bench on that side so we don’t have to move chairs to open the drawers and stuff.

8. We did not get/find a hutch for the dining room.
(Again, not fully my fault. See number 3.)
9. We did not paint the dining room.
(This is still an option that’s being discussed. It doesn’t HAVE to be painted.)
10. I did not spray paint the chandelier.
(I already have the spray paint for this!! Why don’t I just do it?!?!)
11. I did not change/find new curtain rods.
(But I have ideas on making my own. Does that count as progress?)
12. We did not change out any of the wire shelving in the closets to wood.
13. I did not make a new dog leash holder.
(Maybe that’s something I will work on this weekend…)

Does that make you feel better about what you didn’t complete on your to-do list?
You’re welcome.

NOW, we HAVE done some work! We finished the half bathroom renovation and we did complete painting the entry and hallway.

We also took a mini vacation to see my mom in February, we took a day trip to Smith Mountain Lake last month AND we found out we are having a baby!

I really wanted our downstairs to be the first area we completed before moving upstairs, but with our baby news the nursery is our top priority! Hubs is painting the large guest bedroom now and once that’s done we can move all of our junk stuff over to that room and start prepping the nursery. We still have about three months before we find out if we are having a boy or a girl, so that’s the timeline to have the nursery prepped by. Once we find out what we’re having we will be full force into getting that done. Whew. Wish us luck!

According to our turtle pace, we will need the luck! =]

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