Week’s End 05312013

Do any of you follow Kelly @ A Swell Place to Dwell? Her blog is pretty awesome, so go follow it now!
She started this thing on her blog not long ago where she does a post titled “The Week’s End” and it’s a way for her to post her photos and show off her photography. Of course she could do this throughout her week in random posts, but this particular post is photos only – NO TEXT. I absolutely love this idea because honestly, sometimes there isn’t a whole lot going on for me to blog about, but I ALWAYS have tons of photos I could share. My iPhone/camera go with me EVERYWHERE. So, I asked Kelly politely and she said I could copy her idea! =]
My photos from Week’s End might not actually be from the actual week I am posting them. I come across photos I forgot I had all the time, so Week’s End will be a way for me to do a random photo dump of any and all pictures that I take. Besides today, these posts will have no writing, just photos. Enjoy!

HubsNieceThe Lake HouseOldie but Goodie

4 thoughts on “Week’s End 05312013

    1. Of course! And that shadow picture was taken about… six years ago! Wow! I can’t believe it’s been that long! I’m sure if we tried to recreate that picture now we would both look a little plumpy-er. LOL! =]

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