First Pregnancy Appointment

I had my first pregnancy appointment yesterday and the doctor says “everything looks perfect“! Yay!

Here’s our little peanut…

Baby VaughnOver the long weekend we went to Smith Mountain Lake, VA to Hubs’ grandparents house. They have a cabin on the lake there. His grandparents anniversary is always right around Memorial Day so all the aunts, uncles, and cousins get together. It was a really fun trip! We made a day trip out of it so there was lots of driving, but all in all it was a really nice day! The weather was beautiful – a little chilly in the shade but nice and warm in the sun. I personally thought it was too cold to get in the water, but that didn’t stop some of the family!
The drive there and back is about six hours altogether. I felt really good on the way up and didn’t have any kind of car sickness or anything – even when we were on the windy mountain road zig zagging all over the place! I felt really good all day too, but the drive home was pretty much horrible. Ugh, I felt so sick the WHOLE time. And I felt really bad because I knew Hubs was really tired and I probably should have talked to him the whole way to keep him awake, but I just couldn’t do it. I ended up reclining my seat and closing my eyes the whole three hours home. We made it safely though. Here are some pictures from our trip…

Smith Mountain Lake
Smith Mountain Lake
The Lake House
The Lake House
How cute is my niece's bathing suit??
How cute is my niece’s bathing suit??
The Hubs taking out his kayak for the first time in the three years he's had it.
Hubs taking out his kayak for the first time in the three years he’s had it.


She really did like the ride... =]
She really did like the ride… =]

We had a really great time and hope to go back later in the year. We don’t get to go there often enough!

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